Watchtower view on hunting and fishing?

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Chook, 18 year old criminal verses grandma with a 44 magnum ,it's an equalizer.

    As a small-handed light-weight person I can tell you that 'grandma' won't want to shoot a .44 magnum. Except out of a semi-auto rifle perhaps.

  • zeb

    my observations are that anything that takes you away from the dreaded meetings is a no-no.

    There was a mention made of anyone carrying a gun as part of their duty and the risk of shooting/killing an assailant and there fore being 'blood-guilty'... yes not a nice scenario but in honesty I felt the wt was more worried about having to defend a jw in court.. which in more recent year is apparent....... they wouldn't.

  • smiddy

    Jesus obviously approved of fishing ,killing fish for food , and he would not be against hunting animals for food as is demonstrated in the Bible anyway.

    Your OP is not explicit enough , hunting for sport is entierely a different thing altogether .and I guess that is what you actually meant.

    If a JW hunts or fishers for the purpose of putting food on the table for himself or his family , nobody , elders ,CO ,`s or anybody, has cause for complaint against him , that is definetely a conscience matter.

    Killing for sport is another matter entirely.,and maybe you should look on Jehovah God`s record in the Bible for his record on that score.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The WTS condemns hunting but not fishing.

    JWs are fishers of men.

  • snugglebunny

    JW's have weird attitudes towards firearms.

    I recall my JW momma avidly watching the archery at an Olympics contest and then becoming apalled when I took up shooting clays and skeet.

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