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  • leftbehind

    Hi everyone!

    Quick question. Does anybody know what is said DURING the baptism i.e. the actual dunking? I know that as of 1985 the candidate is asked: Watchtower - 1985 Jun 1 p.30

    "The first question is:
    On the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, have you repented of your sins and dedicated yourself to Jehovah to do his will?

    The second is:
    Do you understand that your dedication and baptism identify you as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in association with God's spirit-directed organization? Having answered yes to these questions, candidates are in a right heart condition to undergo Christian baptism."

    But is anything uttered during the dunking part of it like "I baptize thee in the name of the Father, Son and HS"? Or are the baptizers silent?

    Thanks you!!

  • Awakenednow

    If I remember correctly, I got "hold your nose with one hand and bend your knees".

    The dunkers didn't say anything profound.

  • smiddy

    From my memory the dunkers dont say anything of any worth certainly nothing to do with your being dunked .

    It was all said in the Baptismal talk ,lackeys who dunked were just that lackeys.

    Welcome to the forum leftbehind I hope to hear more of you on here its a great site to vent or enquire and question.

    While we are at it can anybody tell me what the Baptism questions were for the very early 1960`s? compared to what it is today ?

  • alanv

    Maybe some said 'if you dont come up from the water, remember there is the resurrection'

  • tepidpoultry

    Hold your wrist with your other hand, hold your nose.... NOW WE HAVE YOUR A** FOR LIFE SUCKER!!

  • tepidpoultry

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