Shunning video questions

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  • poopie

    1.If the parents were to have no contact with there grown daughter why was she still in the house,? There were also not supposed to grieve like Aarons household yet they appeared to be grieving. 3. Aaron case is different in that his entire family was not included in the no grieving? Aaron sons were killed not dissfelowshipped.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    The Witness argument of this would be "Yeah Aaron's sons were killed but when you become disfellowshipped you die spiritually"

  • poopie

    In fact lesser priest could grieve so its comparing Apple's to oranges.

  • poopie

    But that analogy is not fair because the sons died shunned person do not physically die. So when there reinstated is that a resurrection?

  • Annon

    Guess they cannot find anything in the New Testament to support the shunning doctrine so they mangle some Old Testament account. It is rather strange that God consumed or devoured Aaron's sons with fire and then three verses later they were carried away in there robes! Possibly they were wearing some kind of asbestos clothing. Never mind, some think that this ancient story is good enough to make you override your conscience and stop you answering a call from you own daughter/son whose life might be in danger. Help!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Guess they cannot find anything in the New Testament to support the shunning

    Wait! Didn't Jesus say something like, "Shun thy neighbor. . . "

    Or "Shun thy enemy. . . ." since that's what a JW who has been DFd becomes to most remaining JWs.

  • Rebecca 619
    Rebecca 619

    As a mother of a df gay son , it is unconcivable for my husband and me to shun our son, it is so unĺoving , he goes through so many emotions and situations and he needs us, I can't imagine pushing him aside and treating him that way, at the meeting this week my husband and I just looked at each other 😐 (inconceivable )

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