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  • Undercoverbrother
    I was dfed about 10 years ago. Reinstated a year later so I know some of the process. I know they view the "it's none of your business" argument as unrepentant. I have family and friends that I still talk to so I would like to avoid that scenario again. I like the deny idea though. We were the only 2 in the room so having another witness seems pretty impossible lol.
  • Finkelstein

    You haven't been inside a KH in more than year and your concerned about what a stupid elder has to say or do.

    Sounds like you need to take back your life and carry on, out of the control the WTS.

    You sound like your wanting to permanently leave this cult so why don't you ?

  • undercover

    welcome fellow undercover guy. I too was 'undercover' as I faded, but over time as I realized that the WTS had no real power over me, I quit fearing what elders, or even the odd JW said or did. The only authority they have is what you allow them to have.

    You indicated that you're out, not attending meetings, etc, yet you're worried about elders coming a-knocking. Are you worried about your friends KH reputation should she be found out, or more worried about your getting found out?

    Like everyone's already said, no two witnesses, no confession, nothing they can do. Deny deny deny. Or better yet, tell them to mind their own business, should they ask you questions. You're out, you owe them nothing.

  • Undercoverbrother
    My preferred option is just to fade. Again I have family and close friends still on the inside. We still talk but they won't speak to me if I'm dfed. I do agree that my mind is still partly trapped. Wish it wasn't. It was a journey for me to get where I am now. I'm sure one day I will get my mind completely away from Watchtower.
  • juandefiero

    Do NOT admit to being alone with her. They can use that as circumstantial evidence and still take Judicial action. (They have taken judicial action against individuals of the opposite sex that did nothing immoral and just spent the night together in the same house in different rooms.)

    So, deny anything out of line happened and deny being alone with her in a situation that could have been compromising.

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