Do the WT lawyers now dictate what the GB now do and say ?

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  • smiddy3

    After all that has been happening these past years and changes that have been made on many fronts in the religion ,beliefs ,practices ,policies child abuse ,shunning ,etc, and different countries now taking a closer look at the religion ,I just wonder if the lawyers are now pulling the strings on how the organization functions and operates.

    What are your thoughts about this ?

  • SadElder

    I think legal has been driving the bus for a long time.

  • FFGhost

    I don't think they (legal) create anything themselves, but I'm 99.9999% sure they have "veto power" on any doctrine, policy, practice, or guideline that might possibly have legal repercussions.

  • pistolpete

    I don't think so. Just look at all the stupid stuff the GBl

    has said,

    has done,

    is is continuing to do.

    The purpose of lawyers -------is to FIX THE AFTERMATH------NOT PREVENT IT.

    That's how they make their money.💰💰💰

  • dozy

    I always used to think the lawyers and accountants ran the Society but I think things have changed in recent years. I think Pistolpete ^^^ nailed it. If you just listen to David Splane's current convention talk , the lawyers must be cringing. There is no way that this has been cleared with the lawyers beforehand and some of his comments will be used against the Society in the future in child abuse and similar cases.

    I'm guessing the current lawyers are as sycophantic as most of the Bethelies and don't have the input or influence ( especially with the more prominent , arrogant GB members like Jackson & Morris ) that they had before with older and perhaps wiser GB members. The lunatics really are running the asylum - and that is worrying.

  • pistolpete

    When I started College, it was with intention of being a Lawyer. I did an intern at a law firm for a year plus.

    I ask several of the partners what It takes to be a successful lawyer.

    They all said the same thing.

    Get Clients that have lots of money and are stupid and are always breaking the law.

    Win the cases and you get more stupid clients with more money that are also always breaking the law.

    Murderers, Fraudsters, Drug dealers, etc. If they have millions, they will pay whatever it takes to stay out of jail

    But the poor stupid people that break the law----let the State appoint a lawyer for them. Usually it's someone fresh out of school and off to jail they will go.

  • Overrated

    I agree with Pistolpete- Watchtower has lots of money and is very stupid and continues the stupidity, does not want to pay or go to jail. Which guilty as they are they should.

  • alanv

    They realized a long time ago, that they had to adjust their doctrines to comply with legal requirements. They have done that on many issues.

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