Apps by the Governing Body

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  • stumbledbyothers

    May 2020 Local Needs. Emphasis was on, if phone / tablet app did not come from the Governing Body, then stay away from it.

    It was mentioned that their is a virtual cart app out there being used. An app not by the Governing Body. If there were no announcement from the Branch on apps, then it's not by the Governing Body.

    Stay away from these apostate apps for they could damage your faith and have negative information about Jehovah's organization as well lead you to apostate websites. Jehovah has given us and they named all the apps from the Governing Body.

  • BourneIdentity

    I heard the announcement on this virtual cart too and wondered what the hell that meant.

  • smiddy3

    have negative information about Jehovah's organization ?

    That`s only because there is so much factual negative information about the Jehovah`s Witness religion on the internet that anybody can freely go to for that information.

    So why not avail yourself of this free information that could save you years and years of heartache

    and unnecessary stress in your life.

  • WTWizard

    I would be careful about putting any pro-religious app on your device. First, if you are putting xian or islam apps on your device (including bibles and qurans), you are using your device to donate energy to the cause of ruining our future as humanity. Is that what you want?

    Second, apps take space. When you only have 16 GB for everything, every app counts. You are not just running a MP3 player--this thing has to be for videos, music, browser, pictures, and everything else. The more apps you install, the more wasted space you run into. Also, they tend to hog resources when too many are open at once. And those washtowel apps are just as guilty as the "apostate" ones. I would rather use a bigger device for apostate or Satanic apps (such as a home system, or one where you have several TB of storage instead of 16 or 32 GB).

    And why is so much of the information in the wild about jokehovian witlesses so negative? You get no benefit from this stupid religion, and anywhere there is any freedom to cross reference it, you are going to see the problems inherent with it. If the religion was sound, you would see more comments where it is a very good program, albeit with a few faults. (The closest I can think of is many products L.L. Bean sells. They have mostly good reviews, but there are a few where they misused a product, had bad luck, or are trying to slander the company. Most of their products are very good, but have tradeoffs or minor flaws. That is what I would expect from a good religion or program.) On the other hand, what I am seeing is more akin to walmart (mostly negative comments in the wild).

  • jp1692

    I wasn't aware Zoom was created by the Governing Body!

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • truth_b_known

    Go buy a $1,000.00 device just to access I am surprised the Watchtower hasn't started selling their own tablet device with their pre-loaded software.

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