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  • mouthy

    I have read in the paper that Susan Smith who drowned her two children in a car she is 31 years old serving a life sentence -is seeking people who would like to write her. She was a JW for awhile ??dont know much about that -but I saw her husband on JW -( Larry King Live) he stated there >>he was a JW>>> not one anymore.

    So if you would like to be UNjudgemental. ( She says she is very sorry now) & want to have a penpal it is inmate ( lifer)

    Mrs Susan Smith #221487
    Leath Corr INST
    2809 Airport Rd
    Greenwood.SC 29649 U.S.A

    Thought some of you might like to count your time!!!!

  • teenyuck
    who drowned her two children in a car
    ( She says she is very sorry now)


    Maybe we can get her web access and get her to log on to JWD. Just think of the threads......

  • IronGland

    yep, here it is...

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  • DJ

    Hi Grace!

    Thanks for the address. I would not be surprised if she was somehow messed up with jw teachings but I do not know either. I think that I will write to her. Thanks again. love, dj

  • Gadget


    So if you would like to be UNjudgemental.

    It sound like shes had a very difficult life, people do a lot of things they later regret when they're near the breaking point. Things like this are a big step in rehabilitating people.

    If anyone does decide to write, get in touch with the prison for guidance on what to include in your letter. Don't include any personal information in your letter, and think about using a mailing address. She's doing a long sentance, but how would you feel if her cell mate got parole after a violent offence and turned up on your doorstep?

    Things like this can make a big difference for a prisoner, but write to the jail for guidance first to make sure you don't cause any problems for yourself. The jail will be pleased that you've taken an interest and will help, encourage and support you.

  • teenyuck

    This woman murdered her two children.

    Why would anyone want to be a pen pal to her?!

    Especially an ex-JW? Are you going to convince her that being an ex-JW is worse than a lifetime prison sentence?

  • StinkyPantz

    This woman disgusts me.

  • Hamas

    The time for forgiveness is over when confronted with a case like this.

    This woman should be killed the same was as her children....

    Not wanting to promote Islamic law, but if this woman would have done this in an Islamic country she would be dealt with much harshly.

    alt ....... and rightly so.

  • mouthy

    GOOD ADVICE GADGET-I never thought of that. I once wrote to a prisoner in Kingston ( I visited them all with a group) luckily enough one of the guards warned me to NOT give my address as he WOULD visit me on his exit.....I was to dumb to think about that.

    DJ....Yes me too. I figure she must feel awful about her disgusting action. Her husband said she probably thought that is one way they would get a resurrection ( dying before Armeggedon) & she wanted the man she was having an affair with- he didnt want any kids.... Just the thought of her actions makes me sick.. But I will write her just to let her know - what WE know...(((hugs))DJ

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