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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Ray Publisherer interviewed one-time Bethelite peon "Brock Talon" about four years ago and I'm now reading Talon's book Journey To Bethel. For those of you who may not be JWs (and even those who were and are), that journey provides a fascinating insight into the pecking order at "God's House"... at least how it was in the early 80s. And it's a book even the rank-and-file faithful would find amusing.

    One of his stories is how the GB picked out the Disney movie Fantasia! for one of their showings. Everything was fine until the short, "Wizard's Apprentice" played. Despite the fact that the GB selected it and members were present, a number of Bethelites got up and walked out. He went on to describe how it was a center of controversy for months afterwards.

    For those who may not have read it or heard the interview:

    I had no idea the pecking order worked the way it did. From the day he arrived at the airport (and wasn't picked up) to the day he finally called it quits, he learned what it was to start at the bottom and stay there. And though he went there to serve God with humility with others, he found the competitive spirit among the staff and the personal intrusions just too much. On the other hand he did seem to respect many of the members of the GB.

    BTW, Talon's books are available on Amazon's e-books.

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    For those who may not be aware, at this forum Brock Talon posted as LivingTheDream. That way you can look at his old posts if you wish, including his 25 "Memories," evidently some of the core of his book. He posted here from 6 to 3 years ago, when he stopped.

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    He was also posting as "Brock Talon" for a bit 2 years ago.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Well, the more the merrier.

    Do we have any Bethelites who post regularly here?

    I've always been curious about their interaction with the GB members there. The Brock Talon (where do they get these names?) fellow says interacting with GB members is the closest thing to hobknobbing with Abraham and Moses that a JW could imagine! These are men who have a direct line to God, he said. But every chance they get, they deny having any sort of communication or even inspiration from God. Doesn't that mean they're just like everyone else, though?

    If you're a devout JW and brand new to Bethel, and you find your elevator door opens that first week and a GB member steps inside. How is that like riding with Moses? Moses actually had conversations with God. He also wrought many miracles by the power God gave him. But what have "the Slave" done, lately or in the past? The only way they can stop the elevator is to hit the button just like you or anyone else.

    I'm not saying they have to part the Red Sea, but shouldn't they at least be plugged in at some point? If they're great scholars or notable thinkers, I could see a little hero worship when the doors opened, but it seems their chief claim to fame seems to be power.

  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    Hey Cold Steel. Thanks for the shout out!

    For the record, I still peruse this forum from time to time and was pleasantly surprised to find your post. It led to my listening to that first interview with Eric, which brought back pleasant memories of hanging out with him and Gregorio Smith a few years back.

    I have been humbled on how my books have had "legs," and are still read on a daily basis by someone somewhere in the world. Best of all, they have helped many escape the clutches of the Watchtower, or at minimum, have helped people heal after their leaving. It's word of mouth from nice folks like you that keep the fire burning about the important thing: the message.


    careful & nonjwspouse - Thanks for remembering me. I realize that I don't post all that often here, so it's not like I'm a fixture. I've often wondered if anyone on this site even remembers me anymore... I guess now I know that some do.

    Again though, it's not about me. (After all, who the heck is Brock Talon anyway?)

    It's about the message!

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    I have read the book and can give a strong recommendation. Even as an oldtimer in the JW religion, I learned a few things reading this book.

  • Londo111
    I read it too. A very fun book.

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