Who sits on the Throne of God

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    JW Answers

    Who sits on the Throne of God?

    The Jehovah's Witnesses claim that only the Father sits upon the Throne of God, however as we study the scriptures further, we can see that the Lord Jesus is the one who sits on the Throne of God.

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    Who sits on the Throne of God?

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    JW Answers

    Study notes for this subject :

    No man hath seen the Father – John 6:46

    Isaiah and John saw the Lord sitting on the Throne :

    Isaiah – Isa 6:1-3
    John – Revelation 4:1-7

    The One who sits on the Throne is Almighty and is coming :

    Revelation 4:8

    Almighty / Who is to Come.

    Revelation 1:7-8 The One who is coming, is Almighty, and is the Lord Jesus.

    Matt 24:30 (Jesus is the One who is coming)

    The One who sits on the Throne is the creator :

    Revelation 4:9-11

    Created ALL things – For thy pleasure
    John 1:1-3
    John 1:10
    Colossians 1:15-17

    The Father and Son equally share the Throne as One :

    Hebrews 12:2 – Sat down on the throne – Authority
    Revelation 7:15-17 – Lamb sits on the throne
    Revelation 22:1-3 – The throne of the Lamb is the Throne of God -
    Revelation 3:21 – My throne, My Fathers throne
    Hebrews 1:6-10 – The Father acknowledges that the throne belongs to the Son, equally.

    The One who sits on the Throne, Judges, receives Honor, Glory, provides Salvation and has Power :

    Psalm 9:7 – Throne prepared for Judgment

    John 5:21-23 – ONLY the Son judges, not the Father, and the Son receives Honor
    Matthew 28:18 – All Power given to the Lord Jesus
    Acts 4:10-12 – Neither is there Salvation in ANY other.
    Isaiah 42:8 – God gives His glory to no one else
    John 17:4-5 – The Father gave Glory unto the Son, indicating He shares Glory with another member in the Godhead.
    Revelation 19:1-4 – The Lord God Judges, the one who receives Honor, Glory, the One who has ALL Power and One who provides Salvation.

  • cofty

    Here we go again.

    This is the point you ignore every time you post one of these videos.

    The bible does NOT present a consistent Christology.

    I can use the bible selectively to prove Jesus is god. I can use the bible to prove Jesus is not equal to the Father. It all depends on what texts you select, which ones you leave out and how much attention you pay to the context.

    Your foundational error is to pretend the bible is a a coherent book as opposed to a collection of books that each reflect the beliefs and biases of their authors.

  • blondie

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society/Governing Body does per them and they certainly act like that saying their members cannot approach Jesus and God except through them.

  • JW Answers
    JW Answers

    @Blondie correct, they teach you cannot come to Jesus Christ, and only go direct to the Father, yet the Bible says that we can only approach the Father by coming to the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

  • cofty

    And yet again you totally ignore every challenge to your dogma.

    You live in a bubble no different from the Watchtower.

  • JW Answers
    JW Answers

    I don't ignore every challenge, I have challenged you before, but you just respond and say the Bible is false.. so why bother? I just prefer not to answer fools :)

    Proverbs 26:4
    "Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him."


  • cofty

    So your reply to a substantial challenge to your worldview is to dismiss the one asking the question as a fool. Do you think adding an emoji makes your arrogance any more palatable?

    You live in a bubble. You are totally ignorant of a whole universe of knowledge and proud of it.

    How exactly is your intellectual dishonesty any different from that of the Watchtower that you oppose?

  • cofty

    That wasn't a rhetorical question by the way and clicking 'Dislike' isn't an answer.

  • Finkelstein

    When someone has a preconceived biased theology its easy to selectively cherry pick out bible Scripture to support that biased.

    As far as I understood the JWS doctrines of faith, they claimed that Jesus is the one who took his heavenly throne in 1914 not Jehovah .

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