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  • ILoveTTATT2

    I am translating the article of the "Last Days" in jwfacts.

    There is a statement I cannot verify.

    • Between 310 and 312 A.D. plague killed up to 99% of people in the Northwestern provinces of China.

    It seems to have come from the following book:

    End Time Visions: The Road to Armageddon.

    I cannot read that book, it seems to be on scribd, but I can´t download it.

    Could someone find that piece of information in the book and let me know in what source I can confirm the information?

    I cannot find anywhere that states such a thing...

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Never mind... got the book, but can´t find other confirming sources...

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    The Black Death is usually associated with Europe and the period 1346-1350 but it neither began nor ended then. The earliest records of this pestilence are in China. In 46 AD an epidemic in Mongolia killed two-thirds of the population. In 312 northern and central China became a wasteland and in the province of Shensi, only one or two out of 100 taxpayers survived. In 468, 140,000 people died in the Chinese cities of Honan, Hopei, Shantung and others. During the next 900 years this pestilence traveled slowly throughout China and the Middle East though major outbreaks were not common.


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  • vivalavida

    Page 274 on that Armageddon book (which is page 280 on the PDF file)

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