to all a thank you

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  • notalone

    To all on this site who from their hearts participate, thank you. You encourage thought, offer support and share laughs, thank you. You may never know what point has touched a heart or opened a mind. You may never know who in deepest despair or facing an overwhelming challenge was inspired by what was shared here. So to all of you, thank you.

  • schnell

    That's the beauty of open discourse.

  • LongHairGal

    Yes, I appreciate this site and the opportunity to communicate with the vast numbers of good people who have a similar experience in the Witness religion.

  • smiddy

    Your not alone their buddy

  • Xanthippe

    Thank you notalone, it's good to know what we say here helps people. There are so many different personalities and varied experiences of that organisation here usually someone can relate or advise. I hope you and your family are enjoying freedom and your daughter is doing well.

  • zeb

    Here we are ever alert to do small kindnesses for total strangers.

    A lady in a coffee shop once thanked me for small grace I had done for her and her son. I didn't remember but she said she had just had the worst day when I stepped out of myself to do them a small favour. I know I was directed.

    This has happened many times.

    cheers peace hugs.

  • stillin

    May the chain of love be unbroken. No, you're notalone.

  • Sanchy

    Indeed, it's wonderful to have a community to turn to when leaving this religion. Makes the pain a bit more tolerable.

    I was just reading through some of the early threads on this forum from 17 years ago and it really is amazing to see how this community as a whole has come so far.

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