Happy V-day to the Trey Bundy's of the world: this article showed up today!

by Sugar Shane 2 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

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    Anyone seen the movie “Spotlight”? About the Boston Globe’s uncovering scandal in the Catholic Church? Guess what?

    Quotes from Trey's story:

    “Blye Faust, one of the film’s producers, recently joined the board of The Center for Investigative Reporting, where I am executive board chairman. We’re thrilled to have someone with us who worked for seven years to bring the “Spotlight” story to the screen and so deeply gets the value of the journalism involved.”

    “And on Feb. 20, CIR will release a new episode of “Reveal,” our national, weekly investigative public radio show and podcast, that picks up the Catholic Church abuse scandal where the “Spotlight” film ends.

    …. “ for the past year, CIR has been investigating sexual abuse of children in another closed society, the Jehovah’s Witnesses community, and that group’s attempts to silence the story.”

    “This splash of sunlight already is helping people who are looking to change dark and corrosive practices. It’s one of many public service and social justice issues we pursue at any given time.

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    cha ching
    Thank you for all of your excellent hard work, Trey! and thank you, Sugar Shane, for posting!

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