Charles Take Russell was an "American That Mattered"

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  • Wild_Thing

    According to this website ...

    Fairly accurate. It must be new. I haven't seen it before.

  • GLTirebiter

    I did notice something in this article. It refers to Russell as "the first leader," not "the first president." Russell was secretary-treasurer in the early days; he did the writing and publishing.

    The president of the organization before it became legally incorporated was William Conley. He provided the majority of the start-up capital, but stayed with Zion's Watchtower for only a few years. Today's WTBTS does not say much about the first president; he was their first notable apostate!

  • sparrowdown

    Nothing new just the official story. Doesn't say in what way he "mattered" to America apart from being a popular preacher - big whoop. Where ever would America be today without "CT" and the JW religion lol.

  • Wild_Thing

    I thought the same thing! I thought ... wait ... he mattered??? I guess that just goes to show ... you don't have to do much to matter.

  • smiddy3

    The article says that C.T Russell was never a Mason whether he was or he wasn`t he was certainly influenced by the Organization of Masons having their symbols on the cover of his magazine he published.

    You would think he was also a strong believer in the Zionist movement of the time also judging by the title of his magazine whether or not he was a member who knows.

    "Zions WatchTower And Herald Of Christs Presence"

    The article does say "American That Mattered for good or Ill"

  • Wild_Thing

    It is definitely just a bare bones article about him. I thought it was interesting (and strange) that he has space on a mainstream website, right between Tupac and Blackbeard.

    No kidding! Check out the arrows on either side of the page that navigates to the next biography. Kind of funny! Haha!

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