Kids continue to leave in droves - so what is the organization's grand plan? This

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  • sir82

    JWs have one of the worst, if not the worst, retention rates among their kids. I've seen numbers from 65% to 88% who leave, never to return.

    You'd think this would be a priority amongst the leadership, right? Where do tomorrow's leaders come from, if the vast majority of kids leave the organization?

    The average age of elders in the USA is 65. There are more than twice as many elders as ministerial servants in the USA (both statistics provided by a CO). So when the current crop of elders dies off, who will replace them?

    You'd think there'd be some sort of strategy to turn around the atrocious retention rate, right?

    This week's CLAM shows a video of a talented young musician who gives up his dreams in order to pioneer.

    It shows him smiling, as a pioneer, near a literature cart. It also shows him knocking on a door...and no one answers!

    Yes, it is true.

    The WTS hopes to improve its atrocious retention rate for kids by encouraging them to:

    -- Give up the primary thing which makes them happy....

    -- order to knock on the doors of houses where, time after time, no one is even home, because they are out doing something interesting

    -- ...and in order to stand slack-jawed beside a flimsy cart with dog-eared publications that are already "old light", passed by and ignored by other people out doing something interesting

    Yeah, that's the best they can come up with.


  • stuckinarut2

    Oh they are trying to retain children and youths alright!

    Caleb and Sofia is the main tool for indoctrination and retention!

  • sir82

    Caleb and Sofia capture kids' attention from about ages 2-8.

    What do they have that appeals to tweens, teens, and young adults?

  • Gayle

    Thank you, sir! I wonder who of the GB were raised in org and only a couple or few in all had any biological children? I know a few years ago, it was stated on this site, there were about 88,000 elders in U.S. I wonder what percent of elders were raised in org? The org. has only been a burden for their children, totally unrealistic.

    I assume Steve Lett was raised in as he was at Bethel by 20 yrs old or so.

  • konceptual99

    Use emotional videos at RCs to reinforce fear, obligation and guilt.

  • NewYork44M

    There are in a difficult situation. I agree with your assessment that the young ones are leaving. However, they have angered many older ones with their move to iPads and other high tech forms of communication.

  • Thomas the Bill Engine
    Thomas the Bill Engine

    Oh yeah, there was another one of those videos during the convention, where a young man is incredibly talented at the violin and wishes to pursue a career in the thing he loves, but then his father tells him that going to the Gifted class would only make him worldly and competitive. Giving up the one thing you love in favor of the organization seems to be a trend in these videos.

  • blondie

    Parents of teens I knew that left hoped that when their child had a child they would come back so the grand child would not die because of the parent's choice. But...when some tried after about a year they left again, reminding themselves why they left in the first place. I have seen parents and other jws use this blackmail technique many times.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    most jw youngsters are internet savvy. you cant fool all of them all the time.

  • dissed

    The answer to their 'Elder' problem is simple, but they will never do it. Use women in key roles. Pull out young ones to the 'back room' during the boring WT study and Public talk for youth centered education/indoctrination. And...use women to conduct those 'fun' Bible lessons that scare the kids to death.

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