LEAK: Circuit Overseer Guidelines (130 pages)

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    Thanks again for your posts!

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    So many leaked gems on this forum, much appreciated!

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Thanks for the leak.

    About special committees was very interesting.

    I btw was subject to an 5 man Judicial Committee for "speaking against the organization" I kid you not, and then upon appeal I was subject to 3 other elders on the special so a grand total of 8 elders attended that committee 5+3. So I got a chance to witness to them about my utter contempt about the Organization's fraudulent claims. I even had one bro crying when I cornered the special committee the real application of the scripture they used to admonish me with, applied more closely to the Watchtower bible tract & whatever society, and he busted down crying(he was the PO of the congregation I was in). I must of hit a nerve because clearly these guys were nuts they all seemed so in a WT trance, they clearly had closed minds and were warned about how dangerous I was to listen too. The same PO that was crying, he latter had the privilege of announcing my disfellowshipping a couple of months later,, he almost had a fit doing it, he nervously, and angrily yelled it into the mike which seemed to be full of emotion. I went to a meeting about a couple of weeks latter sat the brother giving the opening payer one of the five started get all into asking for Jehovah'ss protection from Satan he was so nervous they latter told me to leave I didn't and they called the cops and had me arrested, I agreed to pay a fine of 30 bucks and to tell the judge about an upcoming dateline and childmolestation cover ups inside the WT organization. Which to me seem like a bargin to give them some bad publicity in the court room.

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    Broke back, just curious - what made you so special as to have 5 guys at the first one instead of the usual 3?
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I was speaking against the organization and I asked if my lawyer could attend. I showed them no concern and basically or no fear and I guess they thought I was dangerous or something I guess who knows I never asked them.

  • Fay Dehr
    Fay Dehr

    Broke back, I am both sorry to hear how you were treated...and at the the same time delighted to hear how you were "treated" to that day in court. You should put a life story article on here. ;-)

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    BBW, thats exactly how my JC was conducted , 5 of the idiots on the first committee all except the chairman who was a very decent man and family friend, I was found guilty of the trumped up charges in this ridiculous kangaroo court, as I left the the original JC meeting the chairman caught up with me as I was about to get into my car, he said he was sorry etc and I just said "yep Jeff thats the way it is I'll just accept my punishment and take it on the chin etc" he said no no no! you have to appeal you can beat this charge! I replied really? he said yes make out your appeal letter hand it to me and I'll arrange for the appeal, the appeal was made up of 3 decent guys two weeks later he was right, the decision to DF me for apostasy was reversed! I probably attended a mere handful of meetings after that and began my fade, I never looked back.

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