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  • minsky

    I just wanted to say hello. Long story short, it was some things that happened one after another over a period of time, right until it was everything all at once. I guess the first domino was my second spiritual awakening, which TBH mostly had to do with impressing some of the brothers and one particular sister.

    What I did wrong was that I first tried to read the bible from cover to cover, but even worse I tried to put more effort into my answers. Long story short, my dumb and lazy ass could rarely come up with anything clever, so I began to cheat a bit by googling names/places/scriptures so I could drop a bit of extra knowledge at/after the meetings. I wont try to summarize my way out here but you can probably guess the can of worms that opened..

    I moved with my family across the Atlantic (and back again) and was just kind of floating for a long time without a feeling of purpose. Over this time I developed a hobby interest in philosophy, culture, politics and so on and eventually decided to change countries (yah dual citizenship!) to get distance to my parents and go back to school (I am in EU so education is free).

    I am now the old man at the engineering school, and although my old brain is probably never going to get good at the math, my skills at googling for answers rather than thinking is serving me well (software).


  • Magnum

    Reading the Bible cover to cover and trying to really understand it and doing research in non-JW material is a no-no for JWs; it's a recipe for becoming an ex-JW.

  • Betheliesalot

    Since you like to google answers, try google jwfacts.com and read that site cover to cover.

  • Phizzy

    I did a similar thing minsky, and when I got to The Book of Daniel, and read it without JW Org spectacles on it hit me that no way could you extrapolate the year 1914 from those words in Daniel, I could find no support for it anywhere in the bible, and so all the JW teaching collapsed like the House of Cards that it is.

    Since leaving I have educated myself on all matters that interest me a lot, and some that only interest me a little. To use this old brain has been a joy, it was suppressed and imprisoned while I was a JW, the Freedom to learn Real Truth is Priceless !

  • minsky

    Thanks Magnum, Betheliesalot (lol) and Phizzy!

  • millie210

    Welcome minsky!

    A life long learner is a good thing to be!

  • Phizzy

    millie210, we could write a Song based on that, to the tune of John Lennon's "Working Class Hero " !

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy
    I first tried to read the bible from cover to cover,

    - a requirement of Bethelites during their 1st year, which I did, trying to be objective, putting aside what was in my brainwashed brain, what a wake up!

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