I'm going to visit my jw family

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  • Emma

    I'll be spending a short amount of time visiting with my mom; my sibs will also likely be there when I arrive. I'm hoping for a peaceful visit, but I've had a terrible experience being "ambushed" despite their promise to respect my decision not to talk about my reasons for leaving the wts.

    Do any of you know of any new campaign or tactics to get ex-jw's to talk or confess? I just want to be prepared for the latest but I will refuse to engage with them, as always. There's an elder in the group and the rest are zealots.

    I'll also get to meet Oldcrowwoman - it'll be a mini-meet-up! Thanks for all suggestions.


  • jgnat

    I wouldn't worry about any new coercive techniques. If I were a betting person, I would bet that your family will use the same old tactics they always have. You know how to handle them.

  • DJ

    Hi Emma,

    I agree with jgnat. I'd also like to give you a little advice based on my own experiences with my family. Just offer them love and only kind words. Bite your tongue if/when they start on you. Just stay calm and answer them with love but quite to the point. I am a Christian now and my family are all jw's....this is the only thing that has worked for me. To let them get to you when they are condescending is a big no no. Be prepared to handle whatever they dish out without getting riled up in any way. if you still pray....then I would pray for the wisdom and patience and love to deal with it all. If they haven't seen you for a while they may just play it cool and friendly and wait for a later date to re-convert you. You know that they are misled and that they really do feel that you made a mistake by leaving so....try to keep that in mind because it will give you compassion toward them. Being deceived and misled is a horrible thing as you know, so do try to keep that in mind and open your heart with compassion for them while protecting yourself against their wiles. I wish for you to have a good visit. love, dj

  • outnfree

    Have a great trip, Emma! Just remember to "safeguard your heart."


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