Scam Baiters - hacking the scammers

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  • MeanMrMustard

    I thought I would share two YouTube channels that I recently found. Enter the world of scam baiters - people who seek out and backwards hack the scammers.

    We’ve all seen the scam pop ups, haven’t we? Or have you been cold called by a scammer? I certainly have. Normally when I get a scammer cold call, claiming they received a “signal” from my computer that it was infected by a virus, I play dumb and try to waste as much time as possible.

    But these guys... they take it to another level. They honeypot the scammers, actively call the numbers on the pop ups, and pull them in with the goal of installing RAT tools on their machines. In the case of Koko, he takes over an entire scammer network, obtaining IDs, images, recordings, bank account passwords, and even issues refunds to the people who were scammed.

    Here is the channel if Jim Browning, a fella based out of the UK:

    The link is to his latest video. A link to his channel didn’t seem to work:

    And here is Koko’s channel:

    Very entertaining, but be prepared to sink some time into the videos.


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