Is a circle round?

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  • slimboyfat

    "Christ, not this again!" There I said it for you, so you don't need to.

    There's a serious point to be made here however. Somebody published a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showing that disagreements about what constitutes a circle depend on your political perspective. Quite literally, whether something is a circle or not, depends on how you look at it!

    And in a more radical sense, our view the whole world depends on our perspective.

  • Simon

    It depends on the language. Ask an incomplete question or move the goalposts and of course the answer becomes "it depends".

    If it's a part for a Boeing plane or the space shuttle then it better be a bloody good circle but if it's a smiley face that a 5 year old drew then I'm going to be less demanding (well, only slightly - I do like to make kids cry).

    It still doesn't "depend on our perspective". It depends on having the requirements defined and explicit in the question.

    Sorry, still no cigar. A worm is still dumb, not just looking at things differently.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Slimboyfat (Q) is a circle round?

    The Rebel (A) Maybe with a little " Circular" reasoning.

    Slimboyfat " Quite literally , whether something is a circle or not depends on how you look at it!

    The Rebel (A) In that case I am sure for many a circle is an ellipse.

    Slimboyfat " And in a more radical sence, our view the "Whole " world depends on our perspective"

    The Rebel (A) You may be right, or there may be some " Holes" in your thinking!

    Seriously having left the W.T I have realised how much my perspective was wrong, and I am pleased my worldview my goals and attitudes to people have now changed immensely since leaving.

    The Rebel.

  • JeffT

    I don't like the (in my opinion false) dichotomy between the two sets of political positions.

    I support government aid for the homeless and unemployed, to an extent, I don't think it should be a life style. I support same sex marriage. I think drugs should be legalized and addiction treated as a medical problem.

    I also think business owners have rights that need to be protected. We need a strong military. Prostitution should also be legalized for adults.

    Where does that put me? BTW I think the object shown is a circle of sorts, but then I think that if you're driving on it, a figure eight is also a kind of circle.

  • coalize

    That's not what says this article...

    This article doesn't speak about circle, but about tolerancy and psycho-rigidism.

    It doesn't change the definition of a circle, but only the way we tolerate the deviancies from this definition.

    A circle is round (in the classic euclidian plan with the clasic norm of distance) by formal definition, not by what we see... and if someone say "it's a circle" and it doesn't fit the formal definition, he say "It looks close to a circle". But the circle is round

  • talesin

    My mind saw a plotted x-y graph (connect the dots), and definitely not a circle. And also, what JeffT said. I am a fiscally conservative liberal - and much more.

    Don't fence me in! : D

    our view the whole world depends on our perspective.

    Although I find the question and article akin to something found on Buzzfeed (ie, quiz with a silly / fun instant diagnosis of your age/personality/career/whatever), I agree with your final statement.

    It still doesn't "depend on our perspective". It depends on having the requirements defined and explicit in the question.

    Simon, hmm. Perhaps you're throwing out the baby with the bathwater. If a person is depressed (fear and/or anger) and negative, their world view will reflect that. A positive attitude, which for me is "shit happens and life is how you deal with it" (works for me), creates a much different world view.

    The quiz? Silly stuff. (no offense, SBF) I was hoping it was a fun math thing, showing stuff like a sphere or plane and posing the question. haha, I'm such a geek.

    A person's worldview being affected by their perspective? Food for thought.

  • KateWild

    I have a circle of of them is round, and one is straight but gay

    Kate xx

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