Man Walks Length of UK. Naked. Gotta Love Them Brits

by Francois 9 Replies latest jw friends

  • Francois

    See story at

    It's a great piece.

    Frank Tyrrell

  • obiwan

    With the heat europe has been getting, who could blame him!!

  • Matty

    He hasn't managed to get to John O'Groats yet, the poor guy keeps getting arrested all the time! This is from today's news:

  • Hamas

    He either has some serious personal issues, or not all of his dogs are barking.

  • Shutterbug

    Well, assuming the gentleman completes his journey, a female type person will need to follow in his footsteps to show the world that women are equal to men. Any female posters who live in the UK willing to take on this project? Don't be shy !!!

  • stillajwexelder

    He sounds one sandwich short of a pic-nic to me -- or 1 cent short of a dollar -- or as you Brits would say -- he is not a full shilling

  • mouthy

    Hey did you notice the Guys name > Steve GOUGH!!!!!! Thats my name. Now I want to see a picture of this guys er-er..... hem....Face!!!!!!>to see if I know him...You can show me all of him if you like I might be better able to tell!!!!cough,cough!!!if he is from my clan!!!

  • Angharad
    Any female posters who live in the UK willing to take on this project? Don't be shy !!!

    OK, I'll do it

    right after a rmageddon


    Send him over here in the dead of a Canadian winter. Wonder if he'd be smiling then? (as he knocks another icicle off his member)

    Gran: there is a picture of him via Francois' post.

    Click it, and you'll get the upper 1/3 anyways.

    The rest, we have to leave to our imaginations.

  • mouthy

    Sorry Ray ---My imaginations dont work that well after 25

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