A Railway Journey to the most northern Rail station in the world

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  • fulltimestudent

    For a quick insight into this 2000 km journey into the frozen wastes of Siberia:


    The whole journey is available on Australia's SBS service (if you can access it).


  • OrphanCrow

    Thanks for posting this, fulltimestudent.

    My dream trip of all time is to take the Trans Siberian Railway from Manchuria to Moscow.

    Ah...I likely will never get the opportunity but one can dream.


  • fulltimestudent

    Keep hoping OC - its going to be easier, I think its eight days from Vladivostok to Moscow, and therefore more time to St Petersburg, which is worth seeing. A major part of the cost is food etc (like a ships cruise). In about 5 years you will be able to do Beijing to Moscow in about three days on the the high speed line that Russia and China have agreed to build (Now in planning stage).

    So consider, In year1, start from St Petersburg and travel to Moscow, seeing the sights in both places. Save up again and when ready do Moscow>Beijing>Vladivostok., though you can do Moscow>Vladivostok.

    You can also (now) go from many European cities through Kazakhstan to Beijing or Shanghai. And, it will get simpler and cheaper as the Chinese implement their plans for rail connections to Europe.

    Btw, the line in my post is not the trans-siberian, if anyone thought it was. It's this one: http://www.nordrail.com/tour_travel_yamal_arctic_railway.html

  • OrphanCrow

    Sorry for sidetracking your post into the Trans Siberian instead of the rail line you posted.

    I would take the rail trip in the video too! I love train travel and I love isolated expanses of snow.

    Yes, St. Petersburg is definitely on my list of where I would like to visit. I have a stack of photos that were given to me by someone who visited Russia a few years back. I am so intrigued by the photos because they depict scenes and such that are not seen on websites or in the popular photos of Russia.

    Maybe someday I will get my wish to visit Russia. Maybe. I would be okay with the slower and older railway, though. More time to savour that immense land.

    Or, maybe I will just wait for that superhighway to be built.


    At a recent meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, put forth a bold plan for a massive trans-Siberian highway.
    This superhighway project, called the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development, includes a major roadway to be built alongside the existing Trans-Siberian Railway. And alongside that, the plans include expansive energy infrastructure involving another railway, oil and gas pipelines, as well as electricity and water supply facilities.

    Superhighway Proposed by Russia to Bridge Bering Sea

  • kaik
    You will be surprised, but Russian Railways are good. Far better than most of former communist block countries. And they do run on time.

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