Sometimes Life REALLY RAWKS!!!

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  • iiz2cool

    We had the power blackout on Thursday afternoon, and my weekend is continuing into today! And it may get longer!!! I work for the Ontario government, and they are taking the lead in energy conservation by having only essential personel come to work. So, I just need to check my voicemail from home every morning to find out if I have another day off or not. Actually, I like to think of myself as being pretty essential, but hell, I'm not gonna complain.

    So now I'm getting paid to stay home and conserve energy, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. After my morning workout, I'll spend the rest of the day on the internet, on the phone, watching TV, smoking Cuban cigars, drinking good Scotch and maybe some beer too! Our workplace is encouraging us to donate blood today, so I'll probably do that before I get into the Scotch and beer.

    I might even order a pizza.

    Life is really ROCKING today!


  • Scully

    Enjoy your unscheduled vacation!

    Try to think good thoughts for those of us who are considered "essential" employees, who are having to work extra shifts during this provincial "state of emergency". Police officers, firefighters, EMS, and essential hospital staff (like nurses) still have to perform at their optimal level of service, despite electricity restrictions.

    Good for you for wanting to donate blood. If it's your first time, be prepared with some personal documentation - birth certificate, drivers licence, etc. Canadian Blood Services is very strict about proper ID.

    Also, save your Cuban cigars for after your donation too. You don't want to be giving a sick person any blood whose red cells are laced with carbon monoxide instead of oxygen. You'll probably have to wait an hour or so following the donation before you can light up, otherwise you might get nauseated. Make sure you're well hydrated before your donation, and make sure you've had something to eat so you don't get light-headed during or following your donation.

    Love, Scully

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