I'm wonderful and amazing(lol)

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  • Sawaveh

    My name is Matthew Fuentes
    I'm Hispanic....half White half Mexican.
    Living in WA, Moses Lake, USA.
    Currently living at Job Corps for Culinary Arts.
    I'm 25 years old, going to be 26 this Jan 7th.
    I do have a belly but it's not super big(Job Corps food is all carbs or whatever).
    I have dark brown eyes and hair that is pretty long. (bangs can reach my mouth).
    I like talking on the phone and texting.
    Not a drinker or I do not do drugs.
    longest relationship: 1 year 4 months or something like that

    Anything else you'd like to know about me?

  • prologos
    Welcome, how did you end up here among the ex jw seekers?
  • Sawaveh

    totally thought this was a pro-jw.


  • talesin

    Since you are here, feel free to browse the topics.


  • JWdaughter

    THis isn't a singles meet up group, though I guess a couple have come about in spite of that.

    I have lived in the Africa, the Middle East and S. Asia. I think Moses Lake is the armpit of the world. Pakistan is a very close second(ok, it might tie). Get out of that place while you are young and unencumbered by a girl whose family lives there.

  • prologos
    JWd Get out of that place while you are young " --- yeah, try to hitch a ride on I-90 going west to Seattle, came through many times, never stopped there.

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