Dental Implants and Positives/Negatives from Anyone?

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  • LV101

    I'm sure there's residents onboard here that aren't afraid of them (like I am!) and the megadoses of antibiotics taken after the minor surgery. Seems the meds need to be taken since a foreign object has been inserted into the bone (titanium) which the body accepts (really?) but the germs and swelling of the actual implant is the reason for the meds. Makes sense.

    Any thoughts? I've put it off but can't stand the bridge nonsense and filing down of good teeth to do the bridge. I usually take the easy way out but the dentists are such hounders. I've read some negative posts online re/the horrendous antibiotics which some are unable to take.

    Thanks for any thoughts, advice, etc.

    Simon - I apologize if I'm in the wrong category/lane - just delete if so/thanks.

  • Fisherman
    I don't have problems with my teeth so I can't tell you from personal experience but I know a few people that got them and pain and discomfort are the number one problem and the more you do at the same time, the more the pain. Notwithstanding the pain though, seems that implants are the way to go. They stay in permanently which is a lot better than having taking out dentures to clean and as so say having to file down good teeth. I never heard about a problem regarding he antibiotic aspect of this procedure.
  • LV101

    Thanks, Fisherman. The young ones (30s +) in dental offices act like they're nothing compared to a tooth extraction but I hadn't really considered what you said about the "pain and discomfort" - WOW! No wonder they prescribe pain meds! That on top of having to endure the oral surgeon drilling into my skull!

    I know of one younger person and an older one who has had difficulty with implant many mos. afterward -- one even having it removed! I think for the most part they're very successful.

    Scary stuff --- teeth! Once they're gone that's it.

  • Vanderhoven7

    I have had one implant. Best decision yet. I'm scheduled for another (molar) in November.


    I`ve been considering a couple implants.

    It`s nice to see some real reviews about them.

    After all the injuries I`ve had.

    Getting something screwed into my head shouldn`t be so bad.....LOL!!

  • NewYork44M

    I broke a tooth early this year and am in the middle of the process of installing an implant. This week I had a post drilled into my jaw. Surprisingly not painful at all. It has been 2 days and no pain.

    The next step is to add the tooth. The complete process is at least 8 months, if not longer. It is best not to rush; you need time to allow your body to heal.

  • ShirleyW
    since a foreign object has been inserted into the bone (titanium)

    that should be enough to make you think long and hard about dental implants, my opinion of course, but down the road some folks have had serious major problems with them, inserting "foreign object in the gum line" just doesn't seem like the right cure to me. My goodness, I just had braces when I was a young teen, now in my 50's the Dentist says I have week bone structure because of them and btw I've heard that more than once and that's just from something attached to the outer tooth. So I can just imagine what happens to some people who have a foreign object embedded deep down into the gum line.

  • LV101

    Thank you all for your replies.

    Appreciate the positives from Vanderhoven7 and NewYork44M - WOW/good news! Did you have to take the week of antibiotics? That's worse than the implant surgery in my opinion.

    Shirley - I can totally relate to what you're saying and don't like to think about. I've heard if they apply braces when the child is too young the teeth shift and migrate back to their originality and teeth have to be re-braced and re-straightened. Amazing what the ole bod can endure and adapt to but it seems a bit much. They've come a long way but I've heard of some real issues.

    Again, I appreciate your opinions and info.

  • LV101

    Outlaw -- thank you for your reply. I was laughing about screws going into your head and didn't finish my reply. Long day! I think you're absolutely right re/procedure. They drill an opening into your jaw bone and screw it in. It's unreal and yet the success rate is high -- not enough to make me happy, but very good. Seems it took the dental community decades to perfect route canals and one day they were so easy -- in comparison to the dark ages - brutal!

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