separation: no questions asked?!

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  • greven

    Recently my JW sister devorced her husband after little more than a year of mariage. I expected that this news would draw out the elders with prying questions etc. However they only wanted to know if her decision was final and if she understood the rammifications of this action (not being able to remarry). This totally surprised me, even when my sister wanted to tell them the exact reasons (him lying about everything, and basically marrying on false grounds) they declined and said they did not want to know the details. They claimed they really could not determine what the truth would be even if both tolled the same story (which incidentally, they did)

    Is this common practise? Does anybody know why they acted like this?

    Greven -totally amazed

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    Depends on the congregation but it's pretty common these days.

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