Hairless Dudes???

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  • eisenstein

    Now I've been around the borg for quite a long time (not recently thanks God). But one thing I could never understand was the borg's rule for hair on men. I think the borg's simple minds are just too limited for this world.

    I only know of two brothers who I ever saw wear a beard. One brother was never given privileges because he wore a beard. He was a nice person, married to an elder's daughter and had two lovely children in good standing. I can understand why he started wearing a beard...he was going a little bald and I guess he wanted to keep as much hair as possible and besides that, he looked very nice with his beard and kept it well groomed.

    Another brother, some of you may know him, Big Jay McKneely, he is a famous saxaphone-jazz musician. He wore a beard and happened to be an elder. He was allowed to wear his beard because his skin was very sensitive and shaving didn't cut it. The beard gave him style and a certain look.

    I also don't understand why boys and men can't have long hair. Some men just look better with longer hair. And some men like the American Indians, Muslims, and other cultures wear long hair with great dignity due to their beliefs.

    My neighbor has a little boy and he is the cutest thing. She kept his hair a little long because he has naturally curly hair and his hair looks natural for him.

    I also saw a little boy who looked mexican-spanish and his hair was cut very short and it was sticking up like it wasn't supposed to. Anyway I wonder if his natural hair is supposed to be longer.

    Ahh, but the borg allows men to wear a mustache, so that they exercise control over the men and make everyone look like some member of some sort of Saddam Hussein cult.

    Anyway, that's my hairless dude beef burden of the day

    eisenstein...gone to make a smiley face with a mustache!!!

  • SixofNine
    I think the borg's simple minds are just too limited for this world.


    Six~ grew a beard, took a beating, and eventually, grew a brain, class

  • eisenstein

    I was just wondering how many of you fellas have lost the clean shaved look and grown a beard. Or have let your hair grow out since leaving the borg?


  • Descender

    As far as hairless goes, I shaved my head completely because I was losing my hair and grew a goatee before I faded away. Neither was looked upon to highly.

    Everyone says I look very good with a shaved head and goatee, but the elders would have rather I'd been clean shaved with hair wings on the side of my head and a few sparse strands sticking up on top. But that's just not the look that someone in their 20's is going for these days.

  • eisenstein


    I like that look on men too. Much better than wings.

    Me...I go to an electroligist once every month or so. Or have my brother-in-law do threading (it's a new hair removal technique) LOL


  • SYN

    Hi Kimiwimi (???!),

    It's important to remember that the leading figures of Borgdom thrive on the exercise of control - they don't have many other ways of getting their kicks, so to speak.

    So this is how they do it. And that applies to any other prominent hierarchical figures, too, Elders being a prime example.

    Of course, many of these people think they are just applying Biblical principles, but unfortunately for them, in their own woolly-headedness they haven't realized that just about all Biblical figures were bearded!

  • freedom96

    Yet still another example of how the witnesses MUST be different.

    Ask anyone out there: Tell them there is a religion that you cannot wear a beard or goatee. They will laugh and say that is the most stupid thing they have ever heard of. And yet, the rank and file just follow along like little sheep.

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