Try my Marinade ideas!

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  • Beans

    Ok so I have done this a few times and everyone who comes over want to know how I do it cause it tastes so awesome!

    Ok the for the veggies!

    Combine all your fav veggies and pour olive oil over them which helps the
    herbs stick to the food very well. Then your desired amount of soya sauce
    worchestire sauce, red wine vinager and balsamic to your taste as you can
    put to much if your not carefull. Then add salt and freshly ground pepper
    and if you have fresh herbs add them as well, I added fresh chives, oregano
    and sage I then added dried basil and parsley. if you have a container that
    closes flip it every 15 min for an hour so the juices merge and if not stir
    it up. If your in a rush just mix and grill!

    The meat!

    Depending what I have or who is coming over it usually is different because
    of spice content. But basically I use the same concept and get a good
    flavour, depending on how much meat you have your quantity will also vary.

    Basically start with the first three ingredients and mix them up together
    and add any or all of the rest to your taste! I used all of the below
    together and let it sit for an hour.

    Soya Sauce
    Worchestire Sauce
    Heinze 57
    HP Sauce or Daddies sauce for the UK'ers
    Jack Daniels Mesquite Sauce
    Blairs Death Sauce
    Montreal Steak Spice
    Olive oil

    Happy BBQ"N" or Cook Out for the Americans


  • joannadandy

    What are you chef happy pants lately??

    What's next ballroom dancing lessons from Beans?

    Just kidding--I love ya man!

  • Beans

    Yes I am chef Happy Pants! JD, stop being a sassy pants or I will force beer into thy lips and force acts of good will!


  • Xena

    Come back to Texas and make it for us Beans

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