"Sighing and Groaning" is NOT a mark of holiness...!! (Rant!)

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  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    All these damn years in that damn cult -- remember how they tell you that Jehovah looks upon those "who are sighing and groaning" (at all the terrible things being done.... focusing on all the evils and woes of the world and Satan's system) -- and that all this sighing & groaning is some sort of mark of holiness?????

    Every negative news article, every bad bit of something or circumstance - all support and become part of that woeful mindset. And we are supposed to KEEP ON being like that, sighing and groaning our lives away to receive some sort of damn mark from an angel's ink horn, to mark us as worthy of life.

    Remember?? ... Sorry, I sooooo want to swear and curse and stomp around, but will attempt to keep a civil tongue.

    THIS IS JUST ANOTHER DICHOTOMY OF THIS CULT -- that Jehovah's people are supposed to be happy people, having a wonderful hope, etc., yet we are also supposed to be sighing and groaning in order to receive this mark.

    Well, freaking sighing and groaning is NOT doing so much for me, you know???

    For almost 30 years in that damn cult, I have fretted and sobbed and sighed and groaned and "paid close attention" to all their talks and study articles of woe and destruction and ruin of the earth and horrible people and violence and strife and bloodshed and earthquakes and floods and tsunamis and bad, bad books and movies and recreation and immorality (their definitions) and all the ways of badness, to the nth degree! -- and more ruin and strife and destruction (culminating in the utmost and most fearsome and terrible destruction by Jehovah himself!!) --

    And just how is it holy to be so focused on CRAP and negative shit???

    Oh but they will say no, no, we have this wonderful hope, we are supposed to consider things which are righteous and holy... peaceable, upbuilding, etc., but EVEN THOSE THINGS are defined by the WT!!!! Even the positive things are geared toward fulfilling their agenda; again, to the nth degree.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Muddy Waters " Sighing and Groaning" is not a mark of holiness...! ( Rant !)

    The Rebel. ( A) So true, it gives very little pleasure, and is quite embarrassing. I only wish I had been deaf and damaged my hearing aid when I sat through all those meetings, because then I would have appreciated the merciful tone of silence is better than W.T bullshit.

    The Rebel.

  • The Rebel
  • tiki
    Sighing and groaning over terrible things while eagerly anticipating the violent death of 7 billion or so....
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    Tiki, I know, right?!?! Crazy.
  • Alive!

    'Keep dwelling on on upbuilding, holy things, Loveable things' and so it goes in so many words.

    One day I was looking at a series of illustrations executed by the Art Department - each was the realisation of their own imaginations, depicting savage expressions, agony, viciousness and other horrific emotions/circumstances and experiences.....and it occurred to me that these garish, unpleasantly rendered productions came from the minds and hearts of other humans, who would have had to spend hours, getting that 'expression' just right in their eyes.

    And these folk were JWs.

    I then wondered how spiritually and mentally healthy was it to subject oneself to being so absorbed FOR HOURS in producing representations of wild eyed horror.

    I paint and draw.....it draws something out of oneself to do this....it isn't something you whip up in five secs and feel untouched by your work and the canvas.

    Made me think - a few years ago.....another tipping point along the way...I started to acknowledge my deep fears thatsomething was terribly terribly wrong with the WTBTS.

  • Satan
    Why do people always say "It's Satan's system" No, it's not, I am enjoying my day at a beach house in florida and I have definitely nothing to do with it. Jesus isn't even preparing for the new kingdom, so don't expect it anytime soon.
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Peely, thank you for the time, compassion, and thought for your response to me. I do appreciate your words, yet right now I am SO DONE with the bible, with religion, with all of it. If I did have some appreciation left for the bible, I'm sure your words would be comforting.

    Alive, you know, I used to look at those pictures too and feel uncomfortable. For a religious people who are told not to glorify violence and to keep far away from wickedness, etc., those artists sure do a lot of ugly pictures. You look at those expressions of pain, shock, horror, terror, or just plain being dead and staring lifelessly... and you wonder how they could draw these and even show these horrible pictures to all the CHILDREN in the congregation, as part of their "religious" training.

    It is a religion (cult!!) which foments hate, viciousness, cold heartedness, and all other manner of vile, emotionally-distancing effects on the psyche.

    And hello again, Satan! Welcome to the forum. Do you also see these moments of doubt and pain (as you noted when Jesus died)? How is Anton doing..?

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