The Murderous Rule of the Hasmonean King (and High Priest) Alexander Jannaeus

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  • fulltimestudent

    Alexander Janneaus ruled (and also served as High Priest) in Jerusalem between 103 and 76 BCE. The books of Maccabees provide information for the start of this historical period, brought to an end by Herod the Great Now archaeological evidence has emerged in Jerusalem of his murderous reign

    This Times of Israel article diuscusses the evidence and how the story was put together. We could ask the question, If YHWH was real, why did he allow these atrocities?

    Find the story at this link:

  • Phizzy

    Bloodthirsty times indeed ! And as usual, women and children suffered in this man made power struggle.

    Thanks for Posting, it is interesting, and from a period I know little about.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Thanks for info FTS, how tragic that human leaders even in this more enlightened world still resort to killing people if they disagree with authority. When will humanity finally stop this savage mind-set?

  • sir82

    We could ask the question, If YHWH was real, why did he allow these atrocities?

    If YHWH were real, why would he allow any atrocities?

    If I were omniscient and omnipotent, I could easily design a universe in which there were consequences for undesirable behavior ("sin" if you will) without resorting to atrocities and suffering of billions of persons for thousands of years.

    Why couldn't (or didn't) YHWH?

  • Giordano

    Well........ God's chosen people. Once again not so well chosen. I think the Buddhists have a better history of tranquility and hopefulness. No god.... just a holy man who apparently had no interest in chopping off heads..........not bad considering the nation of Israel.

    What is it with Jehovah? Why is this god the worst enemy of his or her worshipers? Unfortunately just about every god looks at mankind as the enemy. Strange that.

    Today's religions, with rare exception, are as crazy mad as any previous religion........ and as blood guilty. Our modern gods are filled with hate and violence. Be it hell fire, Armageddon, genocide, the ban on modern medicine (CS)....... the ban on blood(JW) and........shunning. Running an elaborate con (LDS). Runaway Child sexual abuse (Catholics). You name it and one or another form of religion is a participant.

    Then there is going to the drop of a hat......... with god's full blessing. If we have learned anything from history...... religion and despots are not the answer. They simply amplify the worst tendencies of mankind.

  • TheWonderofYou

    As the time between 537 BCE (God's people returns from captivity) to 14 .CÈ Tiberius becomes ceasar)is not part of our bible, what happened in this time - whether cruel or not - is not important. It lays in the dark for bible readers. The only thing relevant was that the temple was rebuilt and so we know that the jehoba again blessed the people whom he allowed to be scattered before and gave inn the hand of their enemies Such of a story I would have to believe if the written is all

  • EverApostate
    If YHWH was real, why did he allow these atrocities?

    Lets presume he is real. He himself commanded genocides for silly and bizarre reasons. Then why wouldn’t he sit back and enjoy yet another atrocity committed by another King.

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