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    neat blue dog

    If you like Criminal Minds check out season 13 episode 6, The Bunker. Of course it borrows from cults in general but some JW similarities as well, such as emotional propaganda videos, us vs them, telling new converts that they're going to be persecuted and told lies about the organization, end of the world fear etc.

    Here's an idea: If you're PIMO, watch it with a JW relative and watch the discomfort ensue 😏

  • smiddy3

    Marked for later viewing ,thanks for that.

  • Atlantis

    The Bunker--Criminal Minds


    Under the picture of the man and the woman in the movie we read: (3rd picture down)

    Now onto the unsubs. They were a boring pair.

    They were both apparently true survivalists who were convinced the end was near.

    I believe Irene was largely operating from a decent place, once you get past the, you know, kidnapping. She felt she was giving her clients a chance at a better life. Whether they wanted that chance was a completely different question.

    Coleman, on the other hand, just wanted to be the last man on Earth, surrounding by, in many cases, attractive young women. He was a typical doomsday cult leader and was just using Irene for her contacts and her real estate.

    Yeah, he was kind of a dick. I mean, killing a pediatrician they needed just because she wasn't enough of a true believer.


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    Is there a secret knock?

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    Is there a secret knock?

    One knock (pause) nine knocks (pause) one knock (pause) four knocks. Oh wait, that would be just for the JW's.

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    As Get Smart would say, "It's the old 1914 knock."

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    Kevin is not coming! I'm with Kevin! The Kevin Class ( normal woke up people).

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