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    Even though it isn't an ex-JW this time, I thought I'd share. I'll have another ex-JW (actually one from the infamous Fremont Congregation) in a couple weeks. This guy has some cptsd that he's being treated for and the interview isn't as smooth as some but we did our best. He was so nervous going in and I applaud him for reaching out and pushing himself to tell his story.

    Episode Twenty Six - Nicholas is shunned by Is, Was and Will Be

    Nicholas was a member of an online ministry that seems to have some hallmarks of a cult called Is, Was, and Will Be. This is a really unique look into how what seems to be a cult can get its hooks in someone that is never even present physically. Imagine getting sucked into an online world where your fellowship is primarily through email chats and a website with information on it. There must be some profound mental games being played. This is a great look into some of them. In fact, I don’t mention it during the interview, but the term gaslighting comes to mind at times.

    Teachings seemed to be somewhat misery and suffering based, Nicholas was wrestling with his own sexuality, and in the end the annihilation of the “self” was something that caused him to be lost for some time. After much trauma therapy Nicholas is on his way back to finding himself again.

    You can listen on the podcast app of your choice such as iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Podbean, Podcast Republic (my personal choice), or many others.

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  • Atlantis


    Many thanks my friend for your hard work and dedication. Sometimes we feel that no one is paying attention, but we are, and your hard work is appreciated.

    Keep em coming because a guy with your talent deserves credit.


  • dubstepped

    Thanks Atlantis! I appreciate the kind words. I actually have numbers on how many pay attention so even though few here or elsewhere may speak up at times I know that thousands listen. It's really fun to do something worthwhile. I know that you've got much more time in than I do as an activist. I appreciate that as well. We all do our part in helping others.

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