New I-Net scam

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  • mustang

    Well, this style may have been done before, but CitiBank informs me that his started this weekend against them. I don't have anyaccount with CitiBank!!!

    I got this Email when i logged on this morning:

    [start quote]
    Dear Citibank customer,

    We are letting you know, that you, as a Citibank checking account holder, must become acquainted with our new Terms & Conditions and agree to it.

    Please, carefully read all the parts of our new Terms & Conditions and post your consent.

    Otherwise, we will have to suspend your Citibank checking account.

    This measure is to prevent misunderstanding between us and our valued customers.

    We are sorry for any inconvinience it may cause.

    Click here to access our Terms & Conditions page and not allow your Citibank checking account suspension.


    CitiBank says not to respond to this. Certainly don't send any account information!!!

    BTW, if the owner of this message wishes to express outrage over the quoting of it, please contact CitiBank. They will be happy to discuss this matter.


  • StinkyPantz

    What is sad is that plenty of people will fall for it .

  • Nickey

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see the scam in this. Who knows...

    I get these all the time from Cingular, Citibank and a few others. Usually when I call, they tell me someone used my email address when signing up for an account. Either randomly or by mistake. Either way, Citibank and Cingular fixed the customers mistake and took my email address off their account.

  • mustang

    CitiBank said this one started this weekend, was not sent out by them, is fraudulent, was being investigated and had been reported numerous times. I checked somethings suspicious & the "horse's mouth" told me this.


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