Our new yearly "regional convention"

by stuckinarut2 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • stuckinarut2

    So Unstuck and myself have decided to attend a different kind of yearly convention!


    It should be fun!

    Just think, anything that helps us using our "powers of reason" (romans 12:1) is approved by the bible isn't it?? Haha

  • jp1692

    I wanna go!

  • dubstepped

    Wow, that sounds fun. Enjoy your new convention together!

  • mentalclarity

    Looks interesting! Enjoy!

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Don't forget your perceptive powers mentioned in Hebrews 5:14.

  • SAHS

    A skeptics meeting like that is excellent for anybody to attend to learn and understand the merits of objective critical thinking and investigation!

    If everyone went to that regional convention before going to the JW regional convention afterward, I would suspect that there would end up being hardly anyone attending the JW convention after attending the skeptics convention.

    Although skeptical, critical reasoning events are certainly very good in a general sense, I think that people affected by a specific exposure to non-critical thinking outfits such as the JWs should still seek out and attend meeting groups specifically tailored and relevant to that particular shared experience; i.e., meet-ups and “apostafests” with former or questioning JWs. Us folks with that very specific background need all the camaraderie and support we can find!

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