Being bought up in a controlled environment....

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    The Rebel

    I am amazed and shocked by this, founded in 2006 "seeking arrangements" dating site boasts 5 million members worldwide. ( A "sugar baby" is where rich men date younger girls)

    TOP 3 UNIVERSITY " SUGAR BABY" students in England.

    1. Kent - 724

    2. Cambridge - 704

    3. Nottingham- 671

    As an ex-witness I value an education, but if I had a daughter :-

    A) I wouldn't want her paying for her education this way.

    B) As a man I could never treat a woman like that.

    C) I don't want to judge the " sugar babies" but selling yourself for an education to me is the same as selling yourself for a designer handbag, and I believe will effect true love in the future.

    Anyway neither the man nor the sugar baby are doing anything wrong or illegal, so who am I to judge the morals of others? But I have awakened from my Watchtower hell to discover the society i now live in is a less controlled environment than I grew up in.

    My question therefore is, HOW have YOU having left the organisation, dealt with alternative relationship models that we were told and believed were immoral?

    The Rebel

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