Feb 2017 broadcast hypocrisy and manipulation!

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  • stuckinarut2

    Oh wow!

    If you haven't yet watched the Feb2017 broadcast, strap yourself in for a ride!!

    ( perhaps watch John cedars review of it on his YouTube channel as it is better than watching the official one. ) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YNxspplApjs

    They start of by saying that witnesses are not TOLD what to do in aspects of life, but rather allow "bible principles" to guide them.

    THEN, the whole video, including the 'music video' contains nothing but manipulative DIRECTIONS telling witnesses what to do in aspects of life!

    There is also the worst case of manipulation in the "experience " of someone who comes back to "the truth" because she saw a painting of the resurrection hope!

    Cue emotional music, and propaganda tactics, and it just blows your mind!

  • NikL

    I just had the joy of watching this last night with my still in wife.

    MAYBE in a sense they are telling the truth when they say it's all about free choice.

    Everything they say can be taken as suggestions. If we choose to OBEY they're suggestions it is free will to an extent.

    When we wake up to the fact that they are a crock, we no longer choose to listen to their stupid suggestions.

    Of course our actions will have an effect, and that effect may be that we are marked or shunned for not following their "suggestions". Of course everyone who follows the WTs suggestions and shuns us is following their free will and making a choice to do it.

    Me I think I am going to use my free will as suggested in the video. I am going to consider bible principles as it said we should.

    I see nothing about shunning weak ones, I see nothing about having friends and associating with people who are Christians of a different faith. As a matter of fact I see LOTS of mentions of loving our neighbors and praying for our enemies and Jesus himself ate meals with prostitutes and tax collectors.

    If some choose to shun or mark me, I will pray for their forgiveness for they know not what they do and I will get on with my life.

  • kpop

    I love watching John Cedars reviews! He is spot on. The WTBTS is going down.

  • stuckinarut2

    Anyone else had the "privilege" of watching this broadcast as yet?

  • TheWonderofYou

    That only a person that has the same faith and the same moral standards could be a "real true friend" was a value implanted in my mind, that I am even now thinking about it. It led to stopping meeting schoolmates privately and to undertake something together with them. Now I am really without any friend at all. They are all somehow strangers for me.

  • Listener

    Stuckinarut - There is also the worst case of manipulation in the "experience " of someone who comes back to "the truth" because she saw a painting of the resurrection hope!

    That was a model,
    Anneliese Zelina. Here she is in an old Video advertising skinny Jeans.


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