A movie: "I ran away from Jehovah's Witnesses"

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    Nov 13, 2016.



    Google Translator:

    When Sara told her parents that he no longer wanted to be a Jehovah's Witness, the father replied that he preferred the dead. Instead, exit from the Congregation, began his new life. She tells it in a movie.

    One of the first memories of Sarah is a piece of cake. He ate in kindergarten, on the occasion of a classmate's birthday. She went home and told his mother: "I did a terrible thing." Sara's family belongs to Jehovah's Witnesses and Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate either Christmas or birthdays, not even those of others. After that slice of cake, Sara did not participate in any more birthday, or in elementary or since.

    If it happened, while the other children extinguished the candles went to the library. So she broke her love of reading. But at home he could not read what he wanted. For example, Harry Potter was forbidden. Secretly he bought the books and it covered the covers with those of the Bible and other religious texts.

    In high school, the Institute of Accounting, discovered in 1984 by George Orwell, the book that changed everything for her. "Orwell whispered something but still I was not able to make comparisons me with the environment in which I grew up, it was too scary," he says. "Among Jehovah's Witnesses, the interaction with the world outside the congregation is considered a sin, being happy is mandatory if you are not happy means you do not have enough faith. My parents, for example, I do not think you ever really loved. Jehovah's Witnesses are married very young and without having made love before and without having attended other people. Just know a guy, you have to get home and get engaged in your love life is marked forever. Sometimes, my quarreling furiously, and in those cases the elders of the congregation were called to bring peace. "

    Today Sara is 25 years old, I met her at a little restaurant in Florence. She has a tattoo on the left arm, a sign that says I'm gonna fight 'em all, I will fight them all. It is lean, has dyed her hair a crazy color, the look is lively, a burning fire. He speaks openly about his experience but asks that the last name is not written in the newspaper.

    For the Jehovah's Witnesses is an apostate, she calls herself "disfellowshipped." His story is similar, in some respects, to that of Daiana Mingarelli, the duo Daiana singer Lou, competitors of this edition of X Factor. It also resembles that of Emidio Picariello, owner of the blog ildisassociato.net and author of the book Jehovah does not want to marry me (Editori Riuniti, released in 2011).

    Similar events have inspired a great movie, The Girl in the World, with Sara Serraiocco, one of the best young actresses in circulation, the debut of Marco Danieli, presented at the Film Festival in Venice and in the hall from November 9.

    The film Sara apostate collaborated helping the actress her namesake to understand what it means to grow up in a family of Jehovah's Witnesses and then wanting to go out and start from scratch. Those who are baptized and then disassociates found only. Nobody, not even close relatives, wants to maintain contact with those who came out. You're either in, or you're out.

    Today Sara is out, attending college and you keep working at a perfumery chain.

    It entered as a clerk, then became make-up artist and now deals with the training of new colleagues.

    "I mean, in my small way, I have made a career," he says. A fact inconceivable for a Jehovah's Witness, because "one of the first things they inject is that ambition is a product of evil."

    Danieli in the film, the break between the heroine and her parents begins because the girl wants to go to university and the parents do not want it. It went so well for Sara. After high school, Accounting, wanted to become a magistrate, and thus enroll in Law. After much discussion, the parents allowed her to enroll in Business Administration. The idea that made the secretary in an accounting practice was more acceptable: fixed hours, more time to preaching and, above all, few prospects to grow professionally. After a month Sara changed faculties, hidden from parents. She said, however, her boyfriend, Jehovah's Witness, too.

    "We were in a bar in front of two cups of coffee. I told him what I had done, he was upset and I tried to explain to those who were starting to have my doubts about our religion. I whispered, we are doing the brainwashing. He ran to tell everything to my parents and broke a mess. They came the elders of the congregation in the house to try to convince me that I was doing it all wrong. At first I obeyed but now the crisis inside me had opened. It took a couple of years, so many readings, the discovery of the Emidio Picariello blog about disfellowshipped and the help of a psychologist who attended in secret until, one day, I found the courage to tell my parents that I no longer wanted be Jehovah's Witness. My mother wept bitterly, my father yelled at me that he would rather know myself died in an accident. "

    Today a slender relationship between Sarah and her parents has resumed. Thanks to the mother, especially. Maternal love has prevailed over the rest but it's all very delicate, why Sara does not want to disclose the name of the family or say where they live. "My will suffer too. Having a disfellowshipped daughter is a shame, in their mentality means that I have not been able to transmit the right values. " Sara has a younger sister, who is now 17 years old: she begins to have doubts and to express some impatience but then tends to fall into line. "I've been there and I realize that they are flashes of awareness that, though, you end up setting aside: to face reality is too afraid. Even if you feel that it is right go, you know it will be like to cut an arm, you have to give up your suffering and start a long journey to understand who you are ".It will be today is a girl who appears balanced and full of grit. He even manages to be ironic. He says that, by dint of taking doors in his face when he went to preach, has become a skilled seller, in perfumery. Although the memory of those outputs is not joyful sure. "I played the bell and prayed: 'do not respond, is' that there is a soul. Once opened me a very kind lady, took the flyer and said, "I would like you to read it, however, I take this." It was the flyer initiative in the Third World and gave me pause: Jehovah's Witnesses do not do charity. Do not bring food to the poor, he brings the word of God and that must suffice. Another time he opened a classmate, who embarrassed. But what hurt me was that I did not feel the presence of God as they said I'd have to hear it. I thought I was wrong, I thought that God would punish me because I had no desire to go and preach. Today guilt I no longer have, and yet I have a spiritual life, in my own way. "

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    A "pronoun poisoning" sign need to be posted here.


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    A "pronoun poisoning" sign need to be posted here.

    What is it you are suggesting? Que?

    While it’s more common for English speaking learners of Spanish to confuse of forget the genders of Spanish nouns, native Spanish speakers often get confused when it comes to words like him, her, because the Spanish pronoun “su” represents both the masculine and the feminine.

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    I wonder about your proficiency in speaking/understanding a foreign language; your snide remark doesn't deserve Afrikanman's temperate reply.

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    Have in mind it is a Google translation not a human one ;)

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    "I ran away from Jehovah's Witnesses, and all I got for it was this f**king T-shirt." :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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