Do JW's have a judgmental gene? Just venting...

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  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Hi everyone, Okay I need to calm down. Just got back from a relatives anniversary formal. They are JW's and when I walked into the reception hall it was my worst nightmare. A room packed with Elders, C.O's & D.O's. Most have known me since I was a kid. I stuck to my non-witness relatives but the dubs surrounded me with hugs and how are yous. Well I got the infamous quesiton: 'So what congregation do you go to?' I felt stupid for not thinking of an answer to this before but I wasn't gonna lie. I felt no guilt or fear when I said, 'I don't attend a congregation so how are you?' I got blank stares, one 'brother' walked away from me without another word, a sister visibly paled as if I was the antichrist and said 'Oh I'm so sorry, that's terrible!, you don't attend meetings?' Thought she was going to pass out. At that point lying didn't seem so bad. Their reaction was getting on my nerves. One of my few active JW 'friends' said, 'Well what did you expect? In their eyes you are dying!' I was so pissed off I said, 'The only one who determines whether I live or die is God, he's the only judge that matters, not you, not any other man.' She hung up on me. It sickens me to know that I judged people so harshly and I hate that I was ever a part of this. Has anyone else had a similar judgmental reaction from JWs and if so how do you handle it without telling them to go take a flying leap?

  • Elsewhere

    But you're forgetting... They have the TOOTH!!!

    And you can't have it! Nya-Nya-Nya!

  • wannaexit

    "Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing".

    Just remember they are so brainwashed in thinking that it is only by being a jw and going to meetings that one will get salvation.

    Jw's are the most narrow minded people on the face of this earth.

    So you have to forgive their ignorance.

  • Shutterbug

    Around 30 years ago a "sister" quit going to the Kingdom Hall and joined a church. This was announced during an assembly and almost everyone in attendance was flabbergasted. How in the world could she do that , we have the truth or "tooth" as elswhere pointed out. ( Her name was not mentioned by the way.) This sort of behavior was very rare back then, almost never happened. Now it seems to be fairly common for people to move to more friendly places and leave the "tooth."

    Talk about being judgemental ! Wow, good thing all the witnesses could do is talk, otherwise the poor woman would have been hanged or worse. People just could not understand how she could do such a thing.

    Yes, I had a judgemental gene but lost it when I walked away from all of that some 20 years ago. Today I draw the line at illegal, and try not to judge people for any other behavior they may enjoy, so hopefully the gene got lost somewhere along the way. Bug

  • Disheartened

    When I was visiting a relative who is in the org-I was coerced into going to a "gathering" and when I got there, it was such a phony baloney party. Everyone smiling, playing kingdom music (gimme a break) and how ironic--the relative I went with said that they begged her to go because the person throwing the party was kind of 'spiritually weak' and if she came-surely others would come too Anyway, when they asked me what congregation I was in, I proudly said, "I don't go to any congregation"--boy did I clear that room! The party was suddenly over.

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