Making friends and growing up a jw

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  • obiwan

    I have just replied to a thread witch I believe xena started. She raised a good point, and I have to ask what people think.

    Being raised a jw, our friends that we made were, for the most part, automatic. We didn't have to search out friends in school, or our nieghborhood, or go to the local rec center. They were thier for us to walk up to and say "Hi" , and for the most part, you made a friend after that.

    So after leaving the org and to this day, How many had to learn how to make friends, instead of friends being "givin" to you? What did you need to change? And, What are the results today?

    I myself never thought of myself as being"green" around the ears, but I was in for a surprise. I'm just now learning how to make friends from "scratch". I see I have to learn how to set aside those teachings on what makes good association. I have had to learn how to set aside people's imperfections, things as a jw youth you were taught was bad.

    It has not been easy! These people here have tuaght me a thing or two.

  • Aztec

    Well Obiwan, making friends is something that comes pretty naturally to me fortunatly. When I was a teen I started making non borg friends and I haven't stopped since. In fact I'd say my circle of friends in pretty borg free at the moment. I think you're doing a good job hon. Are you gonna make it to our Labor Day fun? You'll get plenty of oppurtunities to make even more friends then.


  • freedom96

    I started making "worldy" friends long before I left. What I found was true friends; they didn't care how many meetings I went to etc.

    I have always been a friendly type person, so it was not difficult to find friends. One just has to surround themselves somehow around other people, and usually it happens naturally.

  • obiwan

    I hope to Azzy!

  • tinkerbell82

    i had to learn to make friends...i'm still learning. it's been difficult for me as well, the fact that i wasnt really allowed to make friends as a kid is a problem compounded by the fact that i'm incredibly shy. i have a really hard time going up and talking to people i dont know; so basically someone has to approach me in order for me to get to know them.

  • Nosferatu

    I had problems making friends in the borg. I wasn't into Star Trek, video games, listening to the Barenaked Ladies, playing Pictionary with the family, etc. JWs my age seemed extremely boring. Whenever I did make a friend, they would turn 20, get married to the first girl they met, and I'd never see them again.

    Worldly friends were much more stable, and had a greater variety of activities to take part in, and enjoyed better music & television shows!

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