Scholarly Study of Witness Digital Competence

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  • vienne

    Uncle B passed this article on to me. It's a quick read. It seems accurate, but it is one-sided. Active Witnesses, apparently chosen by the Spanish OPI, were interviewed. No disaffected or disfellowshipped people were contacted. Nevertheless, the article has some interest. And, yes, some of you will leave negative comments. [My one comment is above], but my preference is for thoughtful comments rather that "it's a cult" or similar.

  • shadowclone

    Looks like a grad assistant wanted to get a paper done without requiring a lot of effort. 2 of the authors are very likely to be JWs. The first listed author is an assistant professor who may be a witness or could be the grad student's instructor. Maybe article was written to enable WT to use as a reference showing how great everything was

  • vienne


    Yes, it seems to be a low-level effort. It is, as I said above, unbalanced. None of my professors would accept a similar effort from me. Believe me, I know that from experience.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    What an absolute joke 🤣 JWs off thinking they're special again

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