Of things in Japan.

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    Very interesting. If true, flying the US flag at meetings in Japan would have been an act of extreme provocation to the Japanese - perhaps even an act of sedition.

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    The percentage of Japanese who are 'christian' is only around 2%. Ironically, Nagasaki was one of the centres of catholic activity in the 16th and early 17th centuries (Although, some argue that there were Nestorian christians in Japan at a much earlier time,

    However, rigid christian opposition to Buddhist worshippers led to the government turning on the church during the early 1600s, culminating in the killing of some 150 missionaries and a little later the destruction of some 25,000 Japanese converts, thus saving Japan from the poison of christianity.

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    under the radar

    steve2: I read it as Akashi complaining that the US branch flew the American flag and adulated the state at meetings, not that the Japanese JWs did such a thing. That would have justifiably been viewed by the Japanese government as seditious, if not outright treason. Akashi was punished because he dared to criticize the US branch for doing what it forbade other branches from doing. Society president "Knole" (Knorr) and his minions were the real hypocrites.

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    UTR thanks for the clarity.

    Is it true that kh in Chile display the country's flag or be fined?.

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