Clothing with a Conscience

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  • patio34

    I just saw ABC nightly news and a company called Sweat X was featured. The founder one year ago is Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s).

    The premise is that they pay union wages to all their employees with benefits as opposed to sweat shops in the garment districts in the

  • patio34

    I'm having trouble copying the rest of the post, so here goes more typing (I had it in Word)

    . . . in the US that pay minimum wage. Their clothing costs only about $1 more to the consumer.

    The company hopes to sell to people with a conscience. A featured university sold only Sweat X clothing because that's what their students requested.

    I intend to ask any stores I go to if they carry it and if not would they do so. Patagonia and other companies are starting to get involved in it too.

    This seems like a worthy cause and worth a try to do what we can in our area to promote this clothing.

    Their website is:

    Sorry but the ABC news pc wasn't on their website yet.



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