"The Origin of Life" -- Using Scientists

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I am providing Version 1 of my Critique of the brochure: "the Origin of Life" -- Using Scientists".

    I appreciate the responses that I received to the pre-draft Versions.

    The Critique looks at how the brochure uses its scientific sources. I am concerned with whether it is honest or dishonest.

    There are a few places where I have difficulty locating a source and your help will be appreciated.

    As always, let me know the corrections (technical or grammatical), additions, suggestions and so on.


    I am not concerned whether the brochure's information regarding evolution is technically correct or adequate. That will be discussed in the forthcoming Critique (no time frame for that at present). If you can help me with the planned Critique, please contact me directly by email. People can tell you that I never break confidences unless I am specifically instructed to do so.


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Last evening, three times I tried unsuccessfully to start this Thread. Hence my abbreviated attempt that followed this morning. Now, this one has appeared after my later one appeared.

    Simply explaining the duplication.

    I prefer that this one be retained.


  • jwleaks

    A lot of work in there Doug. Congrats. You mentioned it was a critique. Would that be better in the title on the cover page along with the date, i.e. August 2019?

  • keinlezard


    May I add the reaction of Prof Alexandre Meinesz


    he said that he wasn't consulted for the citation and that it's not what he think at all

    Another thing ... I remember the JW "origin of life" ... but, it's obvious there was ( there is today too )

    a great misconception of "Evolution Theory" ...

    Each time JW / WT/ GB talk about. They attack with a bias ...

    Evolution need absolutely it's a prerequisite that there was life !

    But , when JW/WT talk they pretends that Theory doesn't explain the "origin"

    They would then attack Quantum Mechanic too .. because quantum doesn't explain Black Hole

    Or attack Relativity because it doesn't explain "tunnel effect"

    The target of these attack is "biogenesis theories" but that never was "evolution" ..

    I believe it's the biggest lies of the WT

    Best Regards

    PS : great job :)

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    Brilliant! Thank you.

    I will investigate and update my Critique accordingly. I would appreciate you contacting me directly by email so that I can check with you that I have translated the French correctly and that I have presented him correctly.

    I located a few minor adjustments I needed to make to my initial Version 1. No doubt few will notice these, but I have called it Version 2.


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