Jehovah's Witnesses and language worlds.

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  • gonzobear


    I was born in as a witness, left at the age of 28, and have been out for many years now. I'm a writer and am writing about Witnesses but from the perspective of how they control followers through the use of language. It's only after studying a lot of literary theory that I've realised a lot of their mechanisms of control are through using language in a particular way. For instance world doesn't mean the planet, it means everyone who's not a witness, which sets up a false binary in which witnesses fear everyone, or judge everyone who's not them. I've also been thinking how when we leave you've got to really relearn how to use language in the same way many others do. I'm working on a piece just now and would be really grateful if any of you could add to my thoughts with specific uses of language being used oddly in a witness setting.

    Also, I got rid of all my 'literature' ages ago, and am now trying to research apostates, but can only find instances going back to 2012 - really?! - if any of you can find uses of the word in a derogatory way then please also let me know. I think many people who leave are so afraid of being labelled an apostate that they then don't speak out - again language being used to control.

    Obviously any information is totally anonymous and is only being used as background research. Feel free to PM me too as I know this is on the public part of the forum, just wasn't too sure where to post it. Thanks in advance.

  • Phizzy

    Mind-control and Loaded language are their speciality. Along with Logical Fallacies.

    Just one example, they often start an argument with "honest-hearted people ............", or something similar.

    They have used every Logical Fallacy that exists.

    If you use the Search button on here I am sure you will find numerous examples of everything you need.

    Your work sounds like a very worthy effort, it is usually only after JW's have woken up and left that they realise how they were manipulated with language.

  • konceptual99

    "Wise Christians" springs to mind...

  • sparky1

    "Time and again, we come back to the realization that if controlling man is the destination, the road to it lies through the control of language."

    "The language of comprised largely of literalized metaphors. That is why they are the perfect tools for legitimizing and illegitimizing ideas, behaviors, and persons."

    "Ordinary language combines the elements of all other 'languages'. It can be used literally and precisely to convey meaning; metaphorically or poetically, to move people; or religiously, to blind and numb people, making them feel elevated or debased." - Thomas Szasz WORDS TO THE WISE 2004 edition


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