Decluttering Swedish Watchtower books

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  • applehippie

    I've been doing a lot of deep de-cluttering and came across some Watchtower books I had stashed away and forgotten about. They belonged to my grandmother and came to me through my father's estate. Just wondering if they would be useful to anyone.

    Sanningen som leder till Evigt Liv - Truth book '69

    Nya Vardens oversattning av de kristna grekiska skrifterna - Greek scriptures '76

    Blev Manniskan Till Genom Evolution eller Genom Skapelse? - Evolution '68

    "Lat Gud vara sannfardig" - Let God be True '50

    "Gud skal reynast sannordur" - Let God be True - in Icelandic '49

    "Det Stora Babylon Har Fallit!" - Babylon '72

    "Ma Din Villa ske pa jorden" - Your Will be Done on Earth '62

  • redpilltwice

    I already have 'em (in Dutch), but how generous of you! I love this site in so many ways! Actually it has replaced the daily text in my life... ...and more!

  • Mandrake

    Oh my gosh redpilltwice!!! I didn't remember that little book!!! I thought I was never so committed with that and always felt a bit guilty for that!


    Best wishes for applehippie in finding those books a home

  • ILoveTTATT2
    I am sure the folks at are probably interested.
  • kaik
    Just donate them to university library. My mom has all these WT bounded and I recommended to get to donate it.
  • applehippie
    I live in the middle of New York state (very rural) and I can't think of any schools or universities near me that would be interested. If there are no takers by the end of next week I will discard them,

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