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  • chachasmum

    What a night trying to get home from the west villiage to west harlem. It was very hot and very dark, not to mention very scary. I have never seen the city so dark and eerie. When i did get home i fell down a few steps as i was going down the stairs, hurt my ankle. The next day we rented a car and took off for the catskills. I was glad to get out of the city for a while. This made me think about the people in Irak and what they have to endure.

  • eisenstein

    Hey Chachasmum,

    I am wondering why so many have viewed your post but, haven't responded!

    Well, I have a response...

    I know that you walked some 50 blocks that day, hung on to a crowded bus, got a BLACK cabbie that wouldn't take you to HARLEM, then finally got a good samaritan to take you up to Harlem for $10, and once you got home you fell down the stairs and nearly broke your ankle...

    ...You are an angel watching over other peoples most precious possessions, their lovable, furry pets and someone was watching over you that night!!! He knew you could NOT break your ankle that night because you had to get back up at 6AM and get back down to the village and take care of ChaCha and Lucy and the gang.

    Keep on keepin on!

  • Hamas

    Nice to see

    Some mindless fanatics will see past the love presented by the American people and simply attack them terrorist like anyway. Most Iraqi's just hate US government.

    I hope your ankle is ok....

  • Zoewrex

    There are so many stories about that night and my heart went out to everyone stranded in elevators, subways, etc..... I live very close to work and walked home (normal for me) but noticed it was SO quiet (our power went out at work of course) - then the sirens came one and all I could think of was the WTC and our volunerability. So at the 6 story high rise we live in - everyone came out, BBQ'd, drank and played cards into the wee hours in the AM. Of course my 18 month old couldn't sleep and she & Daddy took a walk at 2:30 AM with a flashlight......the police were out, but so was everyone else protecting the areas.

    Do you think there'll be a Blackout Baby Boom next April/May?

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