New year's Eve 1975 to New Year's Day 1976.

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  • Gargamel

    Did anyone else here go a bit odd on New year's Eve 1975 to New Year's Day 1976?

    I had been out of the org for a couple of years at the time, but not got around to debunking the beliefs.

    What my mind went through around the above dates could be regarded as borderline psychotic, though the black hash probably didn't help.

    I've just started tackling a first draft writing what I can remember about that period.

    It probably wasn't helpful that my JW mother died a week into 1976. She had been ill quite a bit for some years, but after the date for the apocalypse passed, I do wonder if she just gave up. Prior to that she possibly believed she would never have to die, but once the big A got delayed, maybe she felt that she couldn't face years of illness and the fight went out of her.

    I am finding that trying to write my history is a bigger undertaking than I first expected, but I'll do it even if it takes me years.

  • dothemath

    I remember something like a countdown leading up to 1975.

    Every assembly that went by, the co would get everyone excited with "brothers! It's only 5 (ex) assemblies until 1975!"

    Then after nothing happened the reasoning was that there was a period of time between Adam's creation and Eve's, so that would somehow account for the delay.

    Some still think it's "just around the corner" but you can sure tell that most realize they're not going to see it happen.

  • truth_b_known

    I have a close friend that is a few year older than me. He was 5, almost 6, at that time. His family was uber-dub, especially his father.

    When 1975 passed and nothing changed his father stopped being a Witness, cold. They had a Christmas tree in the house come December 1976. His parents split over the change and his father was DFed for apostasy.

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