The story of 2 study's

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  • karter

    In my old congro 2 people started study's at about the same time.

    Lets call them John and Jane.

    John started a study with an Elder who was related to most of the B.O.E.

    Jane with my mother a publisher with an unbleaving mate.

    They both progressed well to the point of Baptism.

    Johns house was nothing short of a pigsty overgrown grass inside filthy ect.

    Janes was not alot better.

    When they both wanted to bet baptised Jane was held back becouse of the state she kept her house but John was aloud to get Baptised.

    When the Elders told Jane this she she stopped her study and went to another religion and lived happly ever after.

    The diffrence bettween John and Jane appart from he studyed with and Elder related to most of the B.O.E.......

    Jane was Blind!!

    More to this story.

    John quickly moved along with the J.W's doing Mic's sound ect and eventually Married a sister.

    John had 2 children from a previous relationship his son lived with him but he said he never saw his Daughter becouse his ex had poisoned her against him.

    The son became a J.W and was a real nice guy eventuly getting married to a nice sister and settling down ,Both are good J.W's. to this day.

    John however turned out to be a wife beating S.O.A.B they had a child and she was pregnant with number 2 when the Police were called on him for beating her up and he was Arrested.

    The Police locked him up for the nite and took him to court the next day were he was found guilty of beating her up.

    This was all kept very quite and the Elders never took any action against John.

    As any court records are open to the public you would think he would at least be "Publicly reproved"....Nothing!!.

    Not even private reproof.

    Tured out John was not aloud to see his Daughter from his 1st relationship becouse of the same thing.....Wife beating.

    The Moral to the story....Kinda like being related to the Mafia what you want we will protect you.


  • steve2


    Elders are males who see everything through patriarchal eyes.

    Elders ooze empathy for the poor husband who has to put up with an unsubmissive wife who complains about him beating her up!

  • zeb

    ... and did you say 'Jane' was blind? The wt has just dropped another few notches' on the ladder to hell.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    You know how people play that "would you rather" game? Like, "Would you rather lose both arms or both legs in accident? Would you rather be deaf or blind?" kind of thing?

    In this case, I definitely know what I would rather when it comes to either being blind or being trapped in the Organization.

  • Jrjw

    It makes me sick how the man's side is always taken no matter what they do. My ex is lapping up all the sympathy he can get

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