Learning the History of the Australia Royal Commission

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  • berrygerry

    As there is way too much info for me to parse and research, I may be unaware of more info.

    However, I only just stumbled upon this news article of 2011 which referenced Steven Unthank.


    This is turn led to this article, which IMO, appears a gentle attempt to undermine Mr. Unthank.


    In view of the phenomenal coverup revealed by the ARC, and as the above thread is five years old, I thought it appropriate to give Mr. Unthank tremendous "thanks" for his courage and determination.

  • smiddy

    I thought it appropriate to give Mr. Unthank tremendous "thanks" for his courage and determination.

    The jehovahs Witnesses resisted for years (4-5) for getting "working with children checks" and it was mainly the work and determination of Steven that they finally complied.

    I made reference to the JW`s not compliying ,to a talkback radio host at the ABC about that time.

    I also contacted a now senator about this same subject at the time.

    Nothing eventuated from my input.

    I personally attended one of Steven Unthanks court/magistrates appearances in the Latrobe Valley which was adjourned to a later date.

    That use of a photo of a child was not meant to depict that child as" the" or "a" victim .

    It was, in my belief using poetic liscence to illustrate vulnerable children in general.

    The courts eventual dismissal of Steven Unthanks case against the Watchtower in my view was a travesty of justice.

    I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Steven at one of his court appearances and he was focused not ony on justice for the rights of JW children but also for the children in the community where JW`s door knocked .


  • mrmagic

    Oh definitely, Mr. Unthank has done a tremendous amount of straight up AMAZING BRILLIANCE and he is STILL doing it now, just behind the scenes.

    It reminds me of the principle of "The Critical Few" or Pareto's 80/20 law, where only a small, tiny handful of things/people are responsible for 80% of the results. You won't see his face plastered all over the social networks, on YouTube begging for donations, making Tshirts, etc. Instead, he's quietly behind the scenes making moves that send ripples and waves of Justice, Accountability and positive change throughout space and time.

    I had posted some videos going into detail about some of the things Mr. Unthank has done for us and was attacked by someone named Laura Kaput who said she was a friend of Mr. Unthank and she wanted me to remove my posts. She said that by posting the same links you posted, I was putting Mr. Unthank's life in danger and demanded that I remove the links. The links and info posted are *PUBLIC* info, and public websites, which took all of 15 to 20 minutes of superficial research. In any case, so glad to see.
    Besdies, Mr. Unthank is on my friends' list and he could have spoken for himself, which he apparently never had a problem with, as he never asked me to take it down.

    Love Mr. Unthank and so glad to see that others are recognizing just how important he is. Thank you Mr. Unthank for all that you've done and all that you continue to do.

  • Hecce

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