Witnesses Agree That Institutions That Don’t Report Child Abuse Should Be Fined

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Today my husband was on his way to meet a friend. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how to have a bill introduced into Congress, which would require non-profit institutions to report child abuse to the authorities. The penalty for not reporting would be a fine.

    One of the motives behind this effort, is to raise awareness about child sex abuse. My husband decided to test this out by stopping at three different Jehovah’s Witness carts while using public transportation. He found that six witnesses agreed that non-profit institutions that DON’T report child sex abuse to authorities should be fined.

    The last cart location allowed my husband to spend more time discussing the issues, and he talked to two men for the first time. When asked if ‘institutions should report child sex abuse to the authorities?’ he said, “No comment.”

    I said, “Oh, well I was trying to get some feedback on how to word the bill to gain support. I did talk to one person who believed they could not support the bill because she believed that it was prophesied in the bible that Christians would be persecuted, and this bill would be the beginning of that persecution. Is that how you feel?” and that got the conversation going again.

    The man opened up, and said he ‘used to be a Catholic.’ He said that he knew that ‘they have a problem with child abuse, and not reporting it,’ my husband agreed, and recommended that the man watch the movie, “Spotlight” for the reason that it told a story of how The Boston Globe reported on the cover up. Then my husband added, “it was the leadership of the Catholic Church that covered up the abuse.”

    After the witness attending the cart agreed that the decisions came from the ‘leadership,’ my husband asked if the man knew about King Manasseh in the bible. The witness confirmed he did, so my husband continued, “Here is the moral issue: Manasseh was the leader of God’s organization, and was asking the nation to sacrifice their infant children to the god, Molech. What would you do when faced with that decision, would you follow King Manasseh, or spare your child?”

    As the moment became very awkward, my husband spoke, “The question is rhetorical, it illustrates a moral problem when people would have to go against their religious leaders in order to please god.”

    The conversation ended with a friendly handshake between the two, and the “brother” saying, “it was nice talking to you” and my husband replied, “this is the way conversations should take place when discussing serious issues.”

    Great way to “cart witness” hmm?

  • steve2

    cha ching, could you clarify whether you accompanied your husband and heard the actual exchange word-for-word or whether your husband audio-taped it. There are some long passages in your OP that use direct quotation marks which indicate a report that consists of the actual word-for-word exchanges.

    On the other hand, if you were not there during the exchanges and your husband did not record the exchange, you are basing your OP of hearsay. You should then make it clear in the OP that this is what your husband told you was said during the exchanges between him and the JW - and leave out the quotation marks of what your husband and the JW said.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Sorry about that, Steve.... nope, I wasn't there, and there was no audio tape.... my husband was here, sitting beside me, telling me the exchange, and I was directly quoting him. Perhaps I should use half quotes?

    Anyway, he was pretty excited to have had these experiences, no one suspected him of being 'an apostate', haha.

  • zeb

    Well done cha-ching and the fines should be huge and ongoing like zumpteen dollars a day with notice served on the principals of the org.

    failure to pay should be regarded as instant contempt of court with warrants for the arrest immediately issued.

  • JWdaughter

    Forget fines, revoke their charitable/non profit status.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I agree, either way.... fines, "to make it publicly humiliating" or revoke their 'charitable' status... to openly show they are not "God's true organization."

    But it was kinda cool to get witnesses to say "I agree, I think they should report it to the police or get fined" (oops, quotes again... I love quotes)

    That way, when the 'news comes out' and witnesses start hearing more about "The Organization" discouraging reporting child sex abuse crimes to the police, they will have something to think about.

  • Simon

    All the above plus they have to have a publicly displayed notice, similar to business / insurance certificates:

    "If your child is abused on these premises or by one of our members, we will not automatically report it to the police. We value our fake reputation more than the welfare of your children. See [some website URL] for more information.".

    ... for those people who don't keep up with the news.

    Inspect regularly to make sure it's displayed. $5,000 fine for each instance of failure to display it paid to local victims charity - real charity.

  • flipper

    Cha Ching- Great thread, thanks for posting . Your hubby did a really good job of making these JW's think. The using of the Catholic church comparison is a fantastic way to make their cognizant dissonance " alarms " start going off in their JW brains. Your husband did a great job of re-directing the conversation and adapting his tactics when initially the JW man said " no comment .

    Hell- if this was the former JW " Theocratic Ministry School " your husband would get a 'G' for good in overcoming objections ! LOL . But fortunately for us- this is real life- much more important than a fantasy " ministry school " . Your husband may have made that JW man think outside the WT box for the first time in his life. Great job Mr. Cha Ching

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    The first step is to get Congress to actually make child abuse a federal crime, which it should be. That seems like what Australia wants to do by making one age of consent law and making child sexual abuse a federal level offence rather than just letting each province make their own decision on this horrific crime. And even the Witnesses, for whatever that is worth, said that they would be happy if the government did that.

    It is sad though that the political system in America is so broken that even for something so basic and easy to realise that it is needed won't ever pass. The two political parties can't agree on a single thing and neither trust the other not to throw on amendments that would make it so that the other party can't vote for it.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Haha, good one Simon... "We value our fake reputation more than the welfare of your children." That should make the point clear shouldn't it?

    YES, Flipper! It is the first step in getting those brain wheels rolling. Who knows, right!?!

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