Review: revised Elder's manual, part 1

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Recently the new Super-Top-Secret No Girlz Alowd Elders' Treehouse Club Manual was released. During phase one it was released to apostates for beta testing via file-sharing sites, and then it was rolled out to Elders nationwide, together with precautions to keep it confidential. Here are the covers:

    So I'm just gonna read through it and see what catches my attention. Wait, here's a beauty:

    Rather than making rigid rules for the congregation, rely on Scriptural principles and direction from Jehovah's organization.

    Amusing, considering the very purpose of this book IS to compile rules covering every aspect of a JW's life. A closer look at the wording reveals however, that they aren't against rigid rules, just Elders making up their own. That's the Organization's prerogative. Just to make that point extra clear, the following sentence:

    The body of elders should always base their decisions on Bible principles and written direction from "the faithful and discreet slave."

    You know that mythical "Infirm Pioneer" status? You know, the one where you don't have to actually Pioneer? Well, turns out, all you have to do is look sufficiently sad and discouraged while having a certain level of seniority. And they aren't supposed to tell you this status exists or is available unless they're absolutely gonna give it to you:

    In rare circumstances, a brother or sister may be approved to re-
    main as a pioneer without having a minimum hour requirement.
    This provision is only for exemplary, longtime pioneers who have
    a heartfelt desire to serve always as regular pioneers and who
    feel they would be taking a backward step if they had to discon-
    tinue but who are unable to meet the hour requirement because
    of infirmity.
    There is no need to give
    consideration to allowing an older pioneer who develops health
    problems to serve as an infirm regular pioneer if he is willing to
    transfer to the publisher ranks.

    If a JW gets pregnant, the Elders should approach her and make sure she's prepared to risk her life for the faith:

    When the elders learn that a sister is pregnant, they should in-
    quire whether she has located a cooperative doctor and medical
    facility that have experience in bloodless medicine. Elders should
    ensure that such sisters and any parents with minor children are
    familiar with the points contained in the article "Healthy Moth-
    ers, Healthy Babies," in the November 2009 issue of Awake! pag-
    es 26-29, and in the document How Parents Can Protect Their
    Children From Misuse of Blood (S-55).

    Part 2 coming soon . . .

  • john.prestor

    That's such a weird rule, like why would your mind even go there? Oh you're pregnant? Make sure that if there's complications you won't die (hopefully) 'cause we won't let you take a blood transfusion. Try this: Congratulations! When is the baby due?

  • tiki

    Seriously they have to nose into someone's prenatal care???? That I find highly offensive. None of anyone's damn business except mom and dad of baby to be. And why the assumption that a pregnancy is going to result in a blood issue?? Most healthy women never run into that sort of problem. And if there are complications it still is up to the two individuals who spawned the babe to decide on medical interventions. Not bozo religionists.

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